Top 10 Most In-demand Programming Languages in 2022

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Top 10 Most In-demand Programming Languages

Software programming is certainly one of the biggest careers in 2021, and we can only predict a continuous rise in 2022. And so, a 21 percent growth has been predicted for programming by the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

This is more than four times the average of all occupations. Interestingly, the average annual pay for a software programmer is about $106,000. This is about three times the average salary for other workers. All programming jobs are not the same.

There are different companies, software types, roles, and programming languages. And knowing different languages is quite beneficial to a programmer. Trying to become a programmer can be a daunting task for anyone, especially new programmers with no prior experience In the field.

Knowing and understanding the most in-demand programming language gives you an edge over others either as a new programmer or an expert. And so, based on the number of job postings on job listing websites, below are the 10 most in-demand programming languages in 2022.

In the review are also included details such as ease of use, growth potentiality, and average annual salary.

Top 10 Most in-demand Programming Languages

1. Python

Job listing: 19,000

Average annual salary: $120,000


Python is generally viewed as a programming language that is not difficult to learn, due to its simple syntax, a large library of norms and tool compartments, and joining with other famous programming languages such as C and C++.

It’s the principal language that programmers learn as a beginner program. With Python, You can cover a ton of computer science concepts quickly, and it’s generally simple to expand on.

It is a well-known programming language, especially among new businesses, and accordingly, programmers with Python abilities are sought after.


Python isn’t reasonable for mobile application advancement.

Common uses

Python is utilized in a wide assortment of applications, including artificial intelligence, financial services, and information science. Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are likewise based on Python.

2. JavaScript

Job listing: 24,000

Average annual. salary: $118,000


JavaScript is the most famous programming language for building interactive websites everybody is utilizing it. When combined with Node.js, programmers can utilize JavaScript to produce web content on the server before a page is shipped off the program.

This can be utilized to fabricate games and communication applications that run directly in the program. A wide assortment of additional items expands the functionality of JavaScript too.


Internet programs can incapacitate JavaScript code from running, as JavaScript is utilized to code spring up promotions that sometimes can contain malicious content.

Common uses

JavaScript is utilized widely in the site and portable application advancement. Node.js takes into account the improvement of program-based applications, which don’t expect clients to download an application.

3. Java

Job listing: 29,000

Average annual salary: $104,000


Java is the programming language most commonly associated with the improvement of client-server applications, which are utilized by enormous organizations all over the planet. Java is intended to be an inexactly coupled programming language.

That is, an application written in Java can run on any stage that upholds Java. Accordingly, Java is described as the “compose once, run anyplace” programming language.


Java isn’t great for applications that sudden spike in demand for the cloud, instead of the server (which is common for business applications). Moreover, the product company Oracle, which claims Java, charges a licensing expense to utilize the Java Development Kit.

Common uses

Along with business applications, Java is utilized widely in the Android versatile working framework.

4. C#

Job Listing: 18,000

Average annual salary: $97,000


Microsoft created C# as a quicker and safer variation of C. It is completely coordinated with Microsoft’s .NET programming system, which upholds the advancement of applications for Windows, program modules, and cell phones.

C# offers shared codebases, an enormous code library, and an assortment of information types.


C# can have a lofty expectation to absorb information, especially for settling mistakes. It is less adaptable than languages such as C++.

Common uses

C# is the go-to language for Microsoft promotion Windows application advancement. It can likewise be utilized for cell phones and computer game consoles utilizing an augmentation of the .NET Framework called Mono.

5. C

Job listing: 8,000

Average annual salary: $97,000


Along with Python and Java, C structures a great establishment for figuring out how to program. As one of the very first programming languages created, C has filled in as the establishment for composing more current languages such as Python, Ruby, and PHP. It is additionally a simple language to troubleshoot, test, and keep up with.


Since it’s a more seasoned programming language, C isn’t reasonable for more present-day use cases such as websites or versatile applications. C likewise has a complex syntax as compared to more current languages.

Common uses

Because it can run on a device, C is regularly used to program hardware, such as inserted devices in autos and medical devices utilized in healthcare.

6. C++

Job listing: 9,000

Average annual salary: $97,000


C++ is an expansion of C that functions admirably for programming the frameworks that run applications, instead of the actual applications. C++ additionally functions admirably for multi-device and multi-stage frameworks.

Over the long haul, developers have composed an enormous arrangement of libraries and compilers for C++. Having the option to utilize these utilities effectively is similarly critical to understanding a programming language as composing code.


Like C, C++ has complex syntax and an abundance of highlights that can make it complicated for new software engineers. C++ likewise doesn’t uphold run-time checking, which is a strategy for detecting blunders or defects while programming is running.

Common uses

C++ has many uses and is the language behind everything from computer games to mathematical reproductions.

7. Go

Job listing: 1,700

Average annual salary: $93,000


Also alluded to as Golang, Go was created by Google to be an efficient, meaningful, and secure language for framework-level programming. It functions admirably for conveyed frameworks, in which frameworks are located on various organizations and need to communicate by sending messages to each other. While it is a moderately new language, Go has an enormous guidelines library and broad documentation.


Go has not acquired far-reaching use outside of Silicon Valley. Go doesn’t include a library for graphical UIs, which are the most common ways that end clients interact with any device that has a screen.

Common uses

Go is utilized basically for applications that need to process a ton of information. Notwithstanding Google, companies utilizing Go for certain applications include Netflix, Twitch, and Uber.

8. R

Job listing: 1,500

Average annual salary: $93,000

Benefits: R is intensely utilized in statistical analytics and machine learning applications. The language is extensible and runs on many working frameworks.

Many huge companies have taken on R to dissect their monstrous informational collections, so software engineers who realize R are in extraordinary interest.


R doesn’t have the strict programming rules of more seasoned and more settled languages.

Common uses

R is essentially utilized in statistical programming products.

9. Swift

Job listing: 1,800

Average annual salary: $93,000


Swift is Apple’s language for creating applications for Mac computers and Apple’s cell phones, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

In the same way as other current programming languages, Swift has an exceptionally lucid syntax, runs code quickly, and can be utilized for both client-side and server-side turn of events.


Swift can just be utilized on more up-to-date forms of iOS 7 and won’t work with more seasoned applications. As a more current programming language, the code can be unsteady on occasion, and there are fewer outsider resources accessible to software engineers.

Common uses

Swift is utilized for iOS and macOS applications.

10. PHP

Job listing: 7,000

Average annual salary: $81,000


PHP is broadly utilized for server-side web advancement when a site now and again demands data from a server. As a more established language, PHP benefits from an enormous ecosystem of clients who have produced frameworks, libraries, and computerization devices to make the programming language more straightforward to utilize. PHP code is additionally simple to troubleshoot.


Like Python and JavaScript have acquired notoriety, PHP’s fame has dropped. PHP is additionally known for its security weaknesses. According to Indeed, most PHP developers take momentary jobs that last short of one year.

Common uses

PHP is the code running content-arranged websites such as Facebook, WordPress, and Wikipedia.

7 Other Programming Languages to Consider

The accompanying programming languages aren’t exactly just about as famous as the 10 recorded above, however, they are additionally worth considering on the off chance that you’re hoping to grow your programming choices.

Dart is ideal for programming applications that need to run on various stages, such as Windows and iOS.

Kotlin is used to foster applications for the Android OS.

MATLAB is an exclusive language created by MathWorks and utilized for scientific research and numerical computing.

Perl got its beginning for programming text, which makes it simple to learn and famous for fostering a proof of concept.

Ruby is losing traction as compared to different languages, however, the Ruby on Rails framework was compelling to other, later Web application frameworks for Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

Rust emphasizes elite performance and security and is helpful for applications where numerous things are occurring concurrently.

Scala, named as a play on scalable language, is compatible with Java and is helpful for cloud-based applications.

Which Programming Language Should You Learn?

A few programmers can create a career out of being a specialist in one language, however, numerous developers learn new languages now and again, Gorton says. It’s normal for an expert software engineer to be familiar with three or four unique languages, he adds.

The sort of programming you need to create is one consideration for which programming languages to learn. While there are no concrete standards for what language is utilized to compose what programming, a couple of patterns offer some guidance:

Online new businesses are bound to program in Python and JavaScript.

Bigger companies will generally foster their inside programming applications utilizing C# or Java and their Web applications utilizing PHP.

Programs for information analytics typically utilize the R and MATLAB programming languages.

Inserted devices, such as those in the auto and healthcare enterprises, run programming written in C, C++, or Rust.

Applications that sudden spike in demand for the cloud are increasingly written in Go or Scala.

Versatile applications are increasingly written in Swift or Kotlin.

With this information, we hope you are better informed as a programmer on which career path to choose. And remember, knowing multiple languages gives you an edge in the labour market.

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