Difference Between Cybersecurity, Computer Security And Information Security

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Difference between cyber security, computer security and information security

Do you know the differences between Cyber Security, Computer Security and Information Security? 

Today, a widely used concept is that of “Cyber Security”, which can be associated with other words such as cyberspace, cyber threats, cyber-criminals or other associated concepts. Despite having a general perception about what it represents, it is sometimes used as a synonym for Computer Security or Information Security, however, this idea is not entirely correct. The dilemma arises when it is necessary to properly apply the concepts, in accordance with the ideas that are intended to be expressed.

In this article, we explain what Cybersecurity, Computer Security and Information Security is so that you know the differences between these concepts and can speak properly about each of them.

  • What is Cyber Security?
  • What is computer security?
  • What is Information Security?
  • Main differences between Cyber Security, Computer Security and Information Security

Definition of Cyber Security, Computer Security and Information Security

Next, we are going to define the different concepts in order to know their differences in the security environment:

WHAT IS Cyber Security?

As indicated by Kaspersky, Cyber-security is the practice of defending, with offensive technologies or practices, computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks carried out by cyber-criminals.

That is, its objective is to protect digital information in interconnected systems. Cyber Security is included within Information Security.


Computer Security is the discipline that is responsible for protecting the integrity and privacy of the information stored in the computer system from cybercriminals, whose objectives are to obtain profits from the information acquired or accessed.

In other words, the role of Computer Security consists of managing risks related to the use, processing, storage and transmission of information or data, and to the systems and processes used to carry out said activities.


Information Security is the set of preventive and reactive measures that allow information to be stored and protected. That is to say, it is the set of all those policies of use and measures that affect the treatment of stored data, whether of a company, institution or an individual.

In this sense, the information can be stored, processed or transmitted in different ways: in electronic format, verbally or through written or printed messages. So, Information Security can be as much about protecting an archive of important documents as it is about protecting your organization’s database.

Main differences between Cyber Security, Computer Security and Information Security

After reviewing the concepts of Cyber Security, Computer Security and Information Security, it is possible to identify the main differences:

  • In the first place, we must emphasize that  Information Security has a greater scope than Cyber Security and Computer Security since the objective of the first is to protect information from risks that may affect it, in its different forms and states. On the contrary, Cyber Security focuses mainly on information in digital format and the interconnected systems that process, store or transmit it, which is why it has a closer relationship with Computer Security.
  • Secondly, Cyber Security according to Kaspersky is responsible for carrying out offensive attacks against adversaries of digital security, while Information Security contemplates defensive aspects to protect interconnected information systems. It is convenient to take into account that depending on the context and the organization, Cyber Security is used for both defensive and offensive processes and systems, in the latter case the concept of Cyber-intelligence is more used.
  • Thirdly, the areas of competence of Cyber Security are of great relevance as they include networks, software, hardware, services, critical infrastructures such as technological infrastructure, etc. While Information Security includes people and everything related to compliance with information security regulations.

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