Mtn affiliate marketing in Nigeria can earn you good income online over #50,000 in Nigeria.

Are youaware that you can make money online in Nigeria with mtn?

MTN Nigeria is one of the biggest companies in Nigeria and also the biggest telecom company in Africa too.
The company has always rolled out promotions of beneficiary programs for its customers.
The MTN Affiliate marketing is one of such reward programs brought by MTN.
Mtn affiliate marketing


Now, What is Mtn affiliate marketing program

Before that, Affiliate marketing program is a reward program where people(affiliates) get commissions for selling other people’s(product owner/producer) product or service. It’s a performance-based money reward system for sales made through a referral marketing platform.

Then, Mtn affiliate Marketing Is a reward based program offered by Mtn, that enables you to earn 2% of each sales of Mtn products you rendered using your affiliate link.

 The Reasons why you can trust Mtn affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.

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1 It is said to be the largest telecommunication network in Africa and also the nineth largest in the world.

2 They are called the  2018 Mtn affiliate wallet just because of its special ussd code “2018”.

3 It’s a South African company which came into Nigeria in the year 2021, on may 16 precisely.

4 It was first GSM network to make calls after the globally lauded GSM auction conducted by the nigerian communications.

How you can make up to #50,000 as an Mtn affiliate marketer

There are just three steps to take before you make money from Mtn affiliate marketing which include: Registration, funding and by creating awareness.


Before you can make money online as an Mtn affiliate, you need to have an MTN sim card. If you don’t have one, buy a new Mtn sim card.

Once you are done with that, then dial *2018#,  they will show you something like this below

Mtn affiliate marketing

Now, you will reply with the state you live in. You will see some thing like this in your screen

Mtn affiliate marketing

Now listen very well, enter your secret 4- digit number, that’s your pin.

Take note: don’t disclose it to anyone.

Then click on the send button, Mtn will send you a message in confirmation of your registeration just like this below.

Mtn affiliate

Funding your account
For you to qualify as an Mtn affilia after registeration, you need a GTBank account.

If you don’t have one, you can make use of your brother’s own, sister or even  your trusted friends own.

That will help you fund your Mtn 2018 wallet. Now, dial *737*50*Amount*2018# with the line registered with the GTBank account,

Mtn affiliate program

Below are more useful information you need to know about mtn affiliate marketing

Once your account is funded, you’ll receive a message that indicates that your account has successfully been credited/funded.

Now you can dial *2018# again to check your balance. And to start making money online right from the comfort of your home.

To  earn up to #50,000 monthly as an Mtn affiliate, you need to make sales of at least #85,000 airtime daily. Mathematically, let us assume that.

Peter makes sales of #85,000 airtime to his friends daily, his commission on any sale he rendered is 2%. That means 85,000 sales × 2% commission = #1,700 daily profit, now, #1,700 × 30 days = #51,000 in a month. That’s the simple calculation.

Creating awareness:
Now, you need to start creating awareness by informing your friends, relatives and even your family members.

Tell them that you can save them stress by sending them airtime directly from your mobile phone.

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Instead of going about the street from one place to another looking for where to buy airtime.
You can share to your WhatsApp contact list, Facebook friends etc.

Conclusion on Mtn affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope with the above contents you should start a profitable business with mtn affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

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