How to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria 2021. What about making extra income on WhatsApp in Nigeria?.  It will surely be a nice idea for you.

In this post,  I’ll show you exactly how to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria.  Make sure to read to the end and also leave us a comment and share to your social media.

What is WhatsApp

No doubt, we all know what WhatsApp is. It’s one of the best social media application used by millions of people.

There are lot of make money online opportunities on WhatsApp, but most people have not discovered it.

Some people only make use of it to for fun without realising that they can turn it to a money making machine.

how to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria


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How to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria 2021

Below are the ways which you can use to make money online in Nigeria with WhatsApp. 

Build your WhatsApp Audience first

The first thing you should do to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria 2021 is to build your audience on WhatsApp.  This is very important because you need a set of people to talk to about your business.

Remember,  you need to join a good online business which you will be promoting. I recommend joining Mayolad connect, Read my Mayolad connect review here.

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Utilize your WhatsApp Status

Yes,  your WhatsApp Status can be a source of income for you if you utilize it very well. Don’t just use it for fun,  use it to advertise your business.

Create a WhatsApp Group

You can consider creating a WhatsApp group and send people the link to join your group. This is another way to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria.

Don’t ever add people to your group without their permission,  this is a common mistake most people do. Once you do that,  they will simply leave your group.

So,  create a group on WhatsApp,  send your group link to people so they join your group,  then run presentation.

Create A WhatsApp broadcast

Creating a broadcast can also help you to make money online in Nigeria with WhatsApp.

It’s very effective only if you use it in an appropriate manner.

Send direct message to your regular status viewers

This is another strategic way to generate income on WhatsApp in Nigeria 2021.

Always check your status viewers and know the people that views it all the time.  Send them a direct message and ask them if they are interested in your business.

They will surely give you and answer, then you can follow them up.


WhatsApp is a good income source in Nigeria. If you followed my post very well,  you will surely start making money using your WhatsApp.

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