In this post,  you’ll see our E-commerce-ng review or ecommerceng review.

Now adays days, many platforms are being launched. All of them claim to be legit,  but non is.

E-commerce-ng has just been launched and people are already registering with them.

Before I proceed with my ecommerceng review, I will like to give you this quick disclaimer.

I’m not a registered member of e-commerce-ng. This is an honest review which will let you know if you can register or not.

What is E-commerce-ng – Ecommerceng review

E-commerce-ng review 

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This is a newly launched platform that claims to be legit. They claim to pay money for completing tasks assigned to them.

They are very similar to mybonus2u which has already crashed. They’re using the same business system.

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Some facts you need to Know before joining e-commerce-ng. E-commerce-ng review 

Please remember,  I’m not a registered member of this website. My e-commerce-ng review will help you take a decision to join or not..

Now,  below are some facts about e-commerce-ng which you must know.

E-commerce-ng don’t have a specific address

If you check their website,  you won’t see any specific address where you can meet them physically.

They should have an address which will make people to trust them the more.

Ecommerceng don’t have a  contact phone number

They don’t have any contact phone number.  They only have an online chat agent, but that does not guarantee safety.That’s just the truth.

They claim to be owned by Amazon

Just reason with me on this.  If they claim to be owned by Amazon,  the website should be advertised on Amazon website. Is that not so?  Off course, it is.

Go and check Amazon’s website,  you won’t see anything like that there.

How does E-commerce-ng works in Nigeria

What you do to earn is to signup, choose a package, then complete orders daily to earn.

How to sign up on ecommerceng

To register on this platform,  you can check out there website here.

Note: You are solely responsible for any action you take. We won’t be held responsible for any loss.

E-commerce-ng Packages/Plans

Below are membership packages available on ecommerceng platform.

Silver Member : 2000

Gold Member: 6000

Platinum Member: 50,000

Diamond Member: 400,000

Black Diamond Member: 900,000

Golden Diamond Member:1,800000

Is ecommerceng legit or scam? E-commerce-ng review 

Is e-commerce-ng legit or scam? We’re not saying that it’s legit, we won’t say it’s scam too.  What you should do is to take your mind back to previous platforms that used the same business model. All of them crashed totally,  I also bet, this may not end well as well.


Make more research before you think of joining ecommerceng. Thanks for reading my e-commerce-ng review.

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