The meaning of CPA-marketing comes down to its name: CPA or Cost Per Action and it is a form of affiliate marketing within which you promote offers that require a certain action to pick up an award.

Affiliate cpa marketing
Affiliate cpa marketing

Unlike advertising products in partner networks, whereas a commission you get a part of the profit, CPA marketing is much simpler and requires less work.

Let us make a reservation that the word “action” means not only a purchase: it can be a file upload, registration on a dating site, creating a profile in an online game, entering an email address/phone in a lead form on landings and so on.

Large companies are willing to pay their partners for lead generation. The latter is profitable because they do not need to sell as such in order to make a profit. On the other hand, corporations also benefit from this scheme: when attracted leads switch to a paid or advanced tariff, the company retains 100% of the commission.

Step 1. Joining the CPA Network

First of all, in order to promote the offers of CPA networks, you need to join them.

This process is more stringent than in affiliate programs, where you can simply create a free account without going through permission. The fact is that in the past there have been many cases of fraud and “generation” of artificial leads from landing pages, which cost the networks and advertisers dearly.

Just imagine even if the commission is 10 rubles for each entered phone number, one hundred thousand numbers will bring 1,000,000 already. What do you think, how difficult is it for scammers to develop bots, after gaining fake leads into your CRM to earn a six-digit amount on such offers?

To prevent this in CPA networks, there are strict requirements for partners, which we will consider below.

Step 2. Search for offers for promotion

Before you begin your search, select your niche and stick to it until you see results. There are many partner companies of CPA-networks, jumping from offers for games to offers in the field of dating and dating, then moving on to proposals for business operations, etc. It will not lead you anywhere. If you cannot make a profit in a certain vertical, it makes no sense to jump from one to another.

Having decided on a niche, (say, online games) go to the next step: ask your affiliate program manager what game offers show good conversions for the current moment. Usually, CPA managers own such data, and their task is to help you earn money, so do not be afraid to contact them and ask for help. Most likely, they will send you a list of offers for games within 1-2 days.

Next, you need to view the pages of proposals and independently decide which of them you would like to promote. Keep in mind that some traffic sources convert better by specific offers.

Pay attention to another good metric to check – this is a reward on your chosen network for a click (Earnings Per Click, EPC). This is not always an accurate indicator, but it will give you an idea of how good the potential income for a particular offer will be.

Some traffic sources, such as pay-per-view (Pay Per View, PPV or Pop-Up), do not involve working with individual content download offers, so make sure that your offer matches the selected traffic source.


Step 3. Selecting the method of generating traffic

Without traffic, which passes exactly on your offer, you will not earn money. There are several ways to attract it. You can choose to do advertising on YouTube or, if the budget allows you, to make a bid for paid traffic, as it is more predictable, fast and scalable.

Remember that some offers only allow certain lead generation methods. Carefully read the descriptions of the offers and, if you are not sure about the conditions, contact the manager for help.

If there is no own site in the ACTION PLAY network of affiliate programs, it is allowed to use the following traffic sources: contextual, banner and teaser advertising networks, social networks, doorway pages.

It is also important to look at the restrictions section. The following sources are most often prohibited: motivated traffic (Incent), themed ads (Classified Ads), Twitter, SMS, email marketing, bets on the trademark location (Trademark Bidding), limited shares on Facebook and joint registration (Co-Registration).

Step 4. Increasing the number of conversions during a promotion

As already explained at the beginning of this article, when a potential client performs an action, you get a commission. Many affiliate marketers simply launch campaigns that contain a direct link to the offer page and then wait for a conversion. This is absolutely normal – with just direct links you can get quite a lot of profit.

However, if you want to increase the number of conversions and get more qualitative results, then we strongly recommend that you think about creating your own landing page. A landing page is a page where your potential client appears after clicking on an advertising or other links. And since its design is intended for pre-sale, preparation and seizure of leads, their qualifications or even just to create the conditions under which a visitor takes on some small obligation, this page are called an intermediate landing page (or offer).

In some cases, pretending are very effective. For example, it is easier to work with them in parallel with several offers of the same subject matter.

The more qualitatively your intermediate landing page, the higher the percentage of conversion compared to direct sending traffic, for example, from a social network or from an ad. Ideally, it provides an opportunity to spend about 50-75% of traffic coming from other sources to the offer, while increasing the conversion by 3-5 times.

You can create a landing page yourself on HTML or order a page in a design agency, but, as a rule, there is not enough time to finish the site for each stream to the ideal – therefore, ready-made templates will be the best solution for CPA. The designer LPgenerator allows you to select the appropriate one-page from the gallery and edit it under the affiliate offer in minutes.


CPA marketing is pretty simple. You choose an offer, attract traffic to it or to landing and, when a conversion occurs, get paid. The main thing is not to complicate and act gradually, systematically. The secret to success lies in constant testing. You can also test different networks, offers, traffic sources using our platform.

High conversions to you!


About the author: Melisa Marzett is a marketing specialist who is currently working for essay corrector professional editors for quite some time now. She enjoys the process of writing very much. Apart from writing, she likes yoga she started to practice since recently. It helps to relax and think positive. 

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