Is a good keyword research tool for seo?

Sometimes, people always ask such questions.

Yes, is a very good and free keyword tool for making easy keyword research.

With, you can be able to get a very good keyword for your blog contents.

In this article, I will be showing you how to use to make keyword research for seo.

Use free keyword tool is one of the best keyword research tools for seo.

With, you will get free unique keywords, and also a question based keyword.


Keyword questions are keywords that has the attribute of asking questions. A good example of a keyword based question is

what is

This keyword above is a good example of a question based keyword.

How to use to make keyword research 

Open homepage

Enter your keyword to get keyword suggestions

Click the drop down menu to select the country which you will like to target.

Then click the search button to get keyword suggestions.

If you want to get your question based keywords, see what you will do below.

Click on the questions tab, it will list any keyword based on questions.

Then select the one that best suit your need.

Conclusion : is a free keyword research tool for making keyword research. It gives free keyword suggestions which will be suitable for your blog contents.

Now,  it is your turn.

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