I have noticed that most bloggers always depend on Google AdSense
for their blog monetization, but do you know what?

It does not favor every body, and the earlier you understand
that, the better for your success.

See, there are so many ways in which you can use to make
money from your blog, you need to find and focus on the one that will best feet
your need.

Assuming that you have something to sell from your blog, I
bet you will forget everything about AdSense.

What you need is to do your own business and become independent.

As a Nigeria, I will not advice you to have AdSense as your
main source of blog monetization, you need to use another source of blog monetization
in case you get disappointed with Google Ad Sense.

Yes, Google Ad Sense can be frustrating, I know that you
already know that.

Now, we are going to look more on how to make money from
your blog without Ad Sense.

Remember, you will only earn from ad sense when people click
your ad, when there is no click, that means, no money for you.

How you can be able to make money from your blog or website
without depending on google ad sense.

Like I said earlier, there are many ways to make money from
a blog, we are going to discuss the main and trusted ones right here and now,
please, give me all your ears.

How to make money from your blog without google ad sense.

The first in my list is Information marketing business

Information marketing business

What really is information marketing business?

Information marketing business is simply known as selling
information products online and in return you earn much profit.

This is the major source of online income for most bloggers.
The most important thing about it is that, even a novice can be able to do it,
because it do not require any special skills to do it.

Whenever I get an email about how to make money from
blogging, Information marketing is usually my answer, because it is the most

I am into information marketing business and I really find
it to be the best among others.

If you want to join those that are profiting through
information marketing business,

Read this interesting article that has helped hundreds of
bloggers to achieve their goal.

Read how to make money from information marketing business.

Affiliate marketing or Affiliate program

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to promoting and selling another
man’s products or services and in return, you get a commission for referring

Can you really make good money through affiliate program?

Yes, affiliate marketing is a very good online business and
another good way for blog monetization. You can use this program to make good
money without having a single product. Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine in a situation where by you do not have any
product or service to sell, yet, you will still make good money from other
people’s products or services.

This is a blog monetization method which you should consider
instead of google ad sense.

You will have a greater opportunity  to make good money through affiliate program if
you create an affiliate blog separately.

Now, download affiliate cash secret guide to help you learn
how to create an affiliate blog that will help you make good money.


Advertising is the process of promoting other people’s
products and services on your blog in exchange of money.

This means that people will pay you to advertise their
products and services on your blog.

You can do this through sponsored post or banner ad, etc. 

One of the major thing you must consider before advertising
for people is more traffic to your blog.

Before people will start promoting their products and
services on your blog, they will like it to have enough traffic because they
will like their products and services to reach more audience.

An interesting article was published on Jeffbullass blog about 6 ways to make money with advertising with your blog.

Read Jeffbullas article 6 ways to make money with advertising on your blog.

Email Marketing.

Email marketing is yet another way of making money online
without Google Ad Sense.

This is a very good sales funnel of promoting products and
services to derive more sales.

If you have a large number of email list, you can get people
to pay you to promote their products and services in your email list. 

Aweber published an interesting post about email marketing, read Aweber’s article on

The Beginner’s Guide to Making Money with Email Marketing

Are you looking for ways to make money from your blog
without Google Ad Sense? Above are the best ways to make money from your blog
without Google Ad Sense.

Do you have other ways which are not listed here? You can
add them in the comment form.


  1. good one via marketting, but i still choose adsense over all of them because you can earn while sleeping using adsense,but in marketing you have to advertise tire

  2. There is no doubt that there are numerous ways in making money online.
    For some, it's Adsense whiles others are very much active on what you suggested especially affiliate marketing.

    Everything boils down to promotion at the end.

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