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In today’s post, I am going to tell you how you can reduce your high bounce rate.

First of all, what is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from that site after viewing only one page.


Now, why do people navigate away from a particular website after viewing one page?

People navigate away from a website after viewing a page with so many reasons which include

The page loads slowly,

To much of advertisement,

Your content was not helpful,

Your visitors are not satisfied with the information they read.

Kristi Hines of Kissmetrics explained bounce rate and how to improve it

I know that by now, you have wondered why your bounce rate keep increasing day by day, but you are very lucky to see this post now.

Ok now, if your bounce rate is under 65%, that is very good,

If it is from 65% and above, my dear, you need to implement this strategy to reduce your bounce rate.

How to reduce your high bounce rate


  • Link building
  • Using eye catching photos
  • Make it easy to share your contents
  • Ask a question after each post

Link building

Link building is the process of linking to your older posts or to other blogs. This process will surely reduce your high bounce rate.

This is the strategy that I used to reduce my bounce rate and that is why I put it as the first on the list.

Using eye catching photos

If you use quality eye catching photos to illustrate your contents will make your readers to stay longer in one page, those eye catching photos will look more attractive to your visitors.

Make it easy to share your contents

Adding social sharing button to your blog posts will help to reduce your high bounce rate. 

If someone reads your content and finds it interesting, he or she will be interested to share your contents to their social media.

Ask a question after each post

It is always advised to ask a question after each of your posts. When you ask a question, your visitors will be prompted to give their answers in the comment form. 

So, after implementing these strategies above, your bounce rate will be reduced.

What experience have you had in reducing your bounce rate?

Please leave your answers in the comment form.


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