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Small businesses always want to
be seen in the market place and also they want to communicate with the
community. Google considers mainly two things while doing search engine
rankings.  The use of backlinks and the
use of community both are very important to get good search engine rankings
from Google.

This suggests that more efforts
are required in backlinks building. The more attention given to backlinks is
going to pay more returns for sure. There are many ways to build the effective
backlinks. One of the tactics is the use of local links for backlinks building.
Few of them are discussed here :

building authority links for local business
building authority links for local business
  • Use
    of resource page on the website

We can always
notice the use of additional resources on info based websites. For example
travel websites, they keep the links of travel agencies or other services. One
more example is educational websites which gives the links of educational
institutes and other related websites too. This is not a wasted effort but it
is useful to build backlink.

This can also
give the look that the website is more knowledgeable and resourceful. These additional
links provide information to build backlinks. Different websites use different resource
pages. Some use the general pages or some use the specific pages but focus on
local community for the local business is more useful.  The making of resource page is very easy and
one requires adding the links to the blog article or a page. Here, you can add
your own links and links of others too.

Something you
need to keep in mind always while making resource page is that always put the links
and information that is useful for your audience.

  • Reclaim
    business mentions

It is always
seen on social media that many people talk about other businesses and sites
without giving proper mention to those sites or blogs. They do not provide the
official credits to those blogs or businesses. A backlink or social tag is
always a good thing to do as it gives an official credit.  Reclaiming those business mentions is a very
important step to get the backlinks.

You can use the
different tools which gives you information about the people who actively use
your product or brand name. If they use your website links or any such
information then you can get the notification. You can do that by setting up
Google alerts.

Social media
tools are also available and with the use of that you can get the information
if someone is using your brand names on social media and if they have not given
the credit to you then you can ask them. These tools are designed in a way that
it directly sends email to ask for the due credit that is not given to you or
the mention of your brand name.

  • Get
    known through local events

Many times it
happens that people don’t buy through local stores or local brands because they
are not aware about the presence of that particular brand or service. Local
events are a great way to get known among the locals. You can either host event
or you can sponsor too. This is also a great way to create awareness other than
backlinks. After the event you can write about that in a blog or you can use
the event backlinks. It is always a good idea to write a blog post about the
events you sponsor or you host. You can write a blog post about the events that
you participate in. This way you can attract more people also to come to the

Social media is
also useful that you can send the links to the social circle or to the friends
and family members. Creation of Facebook event is also a very helpful thing. Through
Facebook event even you can invite more people. This is an easy option that
serves best of the marketing need. Even writing an article and sharing it on
social media is also an idea that can help you grab more attention and reach.


There are several ways that help
to build authority links for your business and few among them are discussed
here. Building up and mention of backlinks is a great tactic that serves to get
more brand recognition.

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