From time to time, people start new blogs with dreams of making an income or to just pursue something they really love. But, as we know, good number of those blogs fail in the first year.

So when should we give up on a blog? How do we know that this isn’t
as good as it’s going to get in terms of traffic, subscribers and

My Advice to you is,

Don’t give up on your blog just yet…

A blogging context to giving up

I love helping people on how they can start a blog and get set up in a way that maximizes their chances of success.

But I still see a lot of fails.

It is always a disappointment when you start your blog, and watch it fail.

So it sucks when it doesn’t work out.

But it also sucks when someone pours their
heart and soul into a blog, website or online business and doesn’t see
any results even after months or years of work.

I’ve been there.

And I’ve also seen a lot of other bloggers and online entrepreneurs
who are at the tricky “borderland” between pushing on in the face of all
obstacles and just chucking it in.

But you should not give up on your blog just because it is struggling right now, especially if you are in the early stages of development.

What should you try before you give up on your blog?

Sometimes a business needs time – some businesses need a lot more time than others. Many small businesses, for example, take at least two years before they start seeing a profit.

giving up on blogging

Here are a few things to check out before giving
up on your blog:

  • Are you getting any results at all?There is a big difference between a website that gets no results and a
    website that gets some results. If you’ve had any wins at all it’s
    likely you’re doing something right
    and maybe some small adjustments are all that’s needed. A big part of
    business is learning to scale small profit margins, so any success you
    have had should be carefully examined.
  • Are you trying new things?If you aren’t trying new things
    you probably aren’t going to get new results. The internet is filled
    with stories about blogs and websites that changed tact and found new
    readerships and results. If you haven’t tried a new angle it might be
    too soon to quit because you are leaving many unexplored options on the
  • Are you spending money on marketing?So many people give up on ideas and businesses before they actually promote it. It’s marketing and advertising
    that grows a business so make sure you’ve really given that a solid
    crack before you think it’s dead in the water.  Spending money is now essential and shouldn’t be
  • Have you got expert advice?An expert advice is very necessary for bloggers. Before you ever think of giving up on your blog, seek for expert advice from experts who are already in the system.
  • Do you have an alternative?There’s no point abandoning one business unless you have some ideas
    about what you’re doing next. It might be that you want to stop working
    from home and get a real job, or you might have another project ready to
    do. Whatever it is, alternatives are important because you don’t want
    to find yourself without a regular income and be forced to follow a line of work that you really hate or can’t sustain for long.
  • Are you adapting to the lifestyle factors?Some people adapt really well to the stress of running their own
    business. Others not so much. There comes a certain point where I think
    it’s worth looking at how well you are adapting to all the “learning
    curves” associated with entrepreneurship and weighing up the impacts on your health and your family life. If you’re growing then take that as a big positive.

So, before you ever think of giving up on your blog, make sure to consider these facts above.

When should we give up on a blog?

I can’t believe how horrible it feels to write about giving up.

It is uncomfortable because we are all brought up to think that giving
up is the worst thing you can do – no matter what happens you just have
to keep plodding along and eventually it will work out.

Well, when it comes to business I feel like maybe giving up on one failing project might sometimes be a wise thing because it can free you up to start again on something that might be a success.

And that is a huge part of being an entrepreneur.

I had some blogs and online businesses that weren’t successful,
but all of them taught me about how to make my next project better.

That is failing and getting back up again.

We’re not in the business of throwing money and time at something
when it makes no profit and has no other obvious rewards either now or
in the future.

When you think about it like this, giving up can actually be a
deliberate business decision that you make based on data, professional
advice and a long conversation with your family and business partners.

Then it becomes something smart.

But what I have come to notice is that a lot of bloggers cut and run away before they should…

I think the real task is to figure out when to make “giving up” part of an overall strategy that propels you forward.

Do you think giving up is ever good?

Have you ever given up on a business and found it to be a good
decision to make? Or, alternatively, have you ever stuck at something
and seen it bounce back? I’d be really curious to hear your thoughts on
this issue.


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