Have you been waiting for long to start your blog or move from blogspot to a custom domain? This is the best time for you to do that.

DomainKing.NG is currently offering an exclusive deal for Dollarground readers to register .com domains for just ₦2699 instead of ₦3800.

 How does this sound to you?Awesome, Right?

So it is the best time to move from .blogspot.com to a .com domain.

 There are so much benefits for using a .com domain name for your blog.

 Some of the benefits are:

  • Your readers will see you as a serious blogger.
  •  It will make your blog look professional.
  • You will be known by a unique identity i.e by your domain name and it will be really helpful for branding of your blog.

So why wait? Just grab the deal to start off your blogging journey!

I have compiled this full guide from registering domain to integrating with Blogger blog in this article.

Step 1: Register .com domain at DomainKing.NG for ₦2699

To buy your .com domain name from Domainking.NG for N2699, all you have to do is to use this coupon DKA2699 to reduce the price of .com domain name from ₦3800 to ₦2699. This is a limited time offer so, I recommend you to act fast before the offer expires.

  1. Visit DomainKing.NG and search your domain in the search box on the top of the page.

domain name search domainking nigeria

  • Check availability and Select Free Addons:

Now, you will be able to see the availability of your domain on next
page. I advise you to think of a unique domain name because most the
valuable .com domains are already taken. But don’t waste too much on
searching for your domain because this deal is for limited time.

After you have searched your domain name, Click to Continue

check domain name availability

On next page , select addons that includes Free DNS management, 2 Free emails and Free Whois ID protection. After selecting all the features continue to Final Checkout Page.

Note: Let the nameservers as it is as they will remain same for using the Free DNS.

domain free dns management whois privacy

  1. Create account and apply coupon code:

On the checkout page, you will be able to create domainking account
by entering your details such as your name, email and address.

open domain king account

After entering your details, scroll down to the bottom of the page to apply the Coupon DKA2699 to reduce the price to ₦2699.

domain king coupon

At the bottom of the page, select the payment method according to
your wish, If you have a card such as Verve or Visa Card then select
first option and proceed to Complete Order. You can also pay via Bank
deposit or Bank transfer if you don’t have a card.

Once your domain name is activated, you will need to setup your domain
with blogger so that your blog will be live at your chosen domain such as yourdomain.com

Step 2: Link .Com domain with Blogger blog

I assume you have already created your blog with blogspot.com and your blog has name such as dollar.blogspot.com.

But in case you have not done that then you can create a blog by following this guide and then continue with the steps below:

  1. Login to Blogger dashboard, click on Settings >>Basic in the navigation bar on the Left side of the page.

blogger dashboard settings

  1. In basic settings, you will see a publishing section. Click on “+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog

blogger third party domain settings

  1. Now, you will need to enter your domain name along with ‘www’ that you have purchased and click on Save button.

domain king blogger custom domain

  1. Now, you will see an error on your screen that will contain 2 CNAMEs.
  • The first CNAME is the same for everyone, Name being “www” and Destination “ghs.google.com”.
  • The 2nd CNAME is unique to your blog and you will need to add it in your domain’s DNS records.

blogger cnames

You need to send this CNAME to DomainKing.NG support and they will add them for you. You can even contact them via DomainKIng’s Facebook page.

  1. Once Domainking help you to add the CNAMEs in the DNS records of
    your domain you will be able to save settings successfully in your
    blogger dashboard.

This will be the same page from where you had copied the CNAMEs.

Click on Save and error will stop coming and your domain will start working with your blog.

blogger cnames

  1. Redirect non www traffic to www:

This is the last step that you will need to follow to redirect non www traffic to www.

Go to Settings >>Basic and under Publishing section, Click on Edit next to your domain name as shown in the screenshot.

redirect blogger domain to www

After that, select “Redirect www.yourdomain.com to yourdomain.com” You have successfully done all after that.

blogger redirect

Enjoy your new blog that is fully working with your newly purchased custom domain for just N2699.

I hope you enjoyed this interesting guide to move from blogspot to .com
and along with that you will be able to get free email such as

Share this post with your friends so that all can make most out of this offer before it expires.

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