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Several website owners have been banned from the google Adsense

program and they seem not to know exactly how to get to the heights of

their earnings again on the internet. Notwithstanding that

and google Adsense are friendly and can be used on the same website

and increase your earnings to increase the CPC and CPM rates revenue

income based on your website traffic. Let’s get down to the procedures

you should take to make the best out of publishers account

as a publisher.

How to get Approval for publisher account

It is not a must do for you to get approved with a high end website,

that is considering traffic, a website with minimal traffic of about

200 page views daily and a perfect unique content can approve a account. The basic traffic must be coming from USA, UK and

Canada. minimum payout starts at $100. The payment terms is

based on net 30, your total income this month will be paid next end of

the month or may extend 3-5 days.

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How to Approve Publisher Application. is one of the top advertising networks which is considered

second to google Adsense. They offer CPC contextual ads network which

reaches approximately 100 million USA desktop users. The company has

only 7 offices worldwide, including global headquarters in Dubai, and

USA headquarters in New York City. To get approval publisher

applicant must read this additional info in order to get approved. publisher requirements

We strictly advise you read the publishers terms before you

sign up for a publisher account. Read terms here


  • Minimum traffic required: no minimum traffic required.
  • publisher language required: must be English.

prohibited contents: some website contents are not accepted by and they are as follows; adult, tobacco, alcohol,

ammunition, hazardous substances, illegal drugs, gore, violence,

gambling, racism, hate, racial intolerance, prescription drugs,

counterfeit products, stolen items. These are the contents which are

prohibited by

Let’s look at the CPM rate.

The is a CPC, CPM, CPA, and RPM based ads network for

publishers. Within few years of inventory, became one of the

best ads network in the world and also one of the best contextual ads

to be used by publishers to monetize their traffic. Within few years

they reached the goal upon satisfying brand owners and monetizers to

have ad network working for best place opportunity in advertising and

ad publishing campaign through online services.

This ads network isn’t much a bad idea as an alternative to google

Adsense, in order to increase revenue with, you need to

increase your websites impressions, traffic, and high paying keywords

from search engine, create a content with much more advertisers, place

3-4 types of ad units in every page of your website to increase the

rate of your RPM/CPM.

Based on publishers experience

The 45-day average RPM/CPM (revenue per mile/cost per mile) was around

$1.15. In other words, if I happen to have 10,000 page views per month,

my publishers revenue on the banner ad on CPM will be;

10,000/1,000¤$1.15 = $11.50 a month.

The high paying CPM rate keywords

We will not leave you to explore the high paying keywords on

as we are already giving it out here. You should select the high

paying niche keywords to become successful in ad network;

Car loan

Health insurance


Credit loan

Advertising high paying countries

Having mentioned about the high paying keywords, we will

love to advance and let you know the countries that pay more on CPC rate. For a publisher to increase income on

ads network, you must have fragments of traffic from these countries

listed below. Below are the lists of countries with their respective

CPC bids on ads;

Italy $1.22

Switzerland $0.99

Germany $0.93

USA $0.92

Austria $0.91

These four countries above are the highest paying countries on CPC

basis for

How to get approved on

Based on my personal experience, getting approved for is not

as hard as the approval compared to google Adsense. It is just an easy

and a simple one way process like submitting your site and fill out

personal information and website information, after that, wait for

approval mail and when this is done you’re good to show ads live on

your website.

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