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This is a guest post written by Ankur Aggarwal

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Money plays an important role in everyone’s life. Money is needed explicitly by everyone in this world and it is needed in every situation. For survival, money is very well essential, and it can only be achieved through hard work. However, luck also plays an important factor in it. Sometimes luck can get you one chance that can make you rich with your innovative ideas. Even then, hard work will be needed.

In this article I have mentioned some of the well-known personalities of the world who once were struggling with finances, but now are millionaires just because of their innovative ideas. This will make you visit your unique ideas once again and start working towards them.

1. Scott Stillinger: Koosh ball

Koosh Balls are toy balls that have soft filaments of rubber attached to them and have a soft core inside. Scott Stillinger turned into a millionaire when he launched and started selling the Koosh balls. Within a span of 12 months, the balls were selling like hot pancakes and it made millions of dollars.

In 1987, Scott was facing trouble in teaching their young children to catch ball. The ball was too bouncy and would slip out often. This made him pursue the idea of Koosh balls. His hard work and determination gave it rise and it was an instant hit in the market.

Today, although the company is owned by Hasbro (purchased in 1997), the company is worth a million dollars. At the time of its rise, it made Scott Stillinger a millionaire in no time.

2. Mike and JC Conrad: Selling meat

Mike and JC Conrad were brothers and they were hit by recession in the year 2009. Jobless and desperate to earn money, they started purchasing chicken from farmers and selling them to people in the back of their truck.

They used to charge $1.49 per pound for a 40-pound box of skinless and boneless chicken, directly from the farms. Within a month, their revenue hit $40,000. This made them positive about their idea and made them continue with it.

Today, the own the company Zaycon Fresh and it is valued at $70 billion.  They have more than 120,000 customers across USA. They had a very simple business model and they turned it into a million dollar idea and got rich.

3. Jenna Jameson: Richest porn star

Pornstars are very common in every household of young men, young women and every kind of human being there is. Everyone watches porn and that is why the porn industry is worth billions today.

There are many beautiful and seducing porn stars in the industry that makes a great amount of money. Jenna Jameson tops them all. She is not only the hottest porn star but also the richest among them all.

She makes a $30 million a year. She is hot, feisty and she had own website which she sold to playboy.

4. Bernard and Murray Spain: Yellow Smiley Faces

Yellow Smiley Faces are very much recognizable everywhere in this world, with the tagline, ‘Have a Nice Day’. On shopping bags, on some cartons, you can easily spot this smiley face. This yellow smiley face was started by Bernard and Murray Spain in early 1970’s.

Bernard and Murray Spain bought legal rights to the Yellow Smiley Faces and the tag line ‘Have a Nice Day’. They then started putting this image and tag line to everything humanely possible. Soon, the world went crazy and it was unstoppable.

The fad of the Yellow Smiley Faces went out in the 1971, but till then it had made a sale of worth $50 million. They were turned into millionaires and all they had was a crazy idea and determination.

5. Richard James: Slinky

Slinky is a toy that many of you have played with in their childhood, and possible so did your children or grandchildren. This little toy when dropped on the floor, just slinks across the room and thus the name Slinky.

In 1945, Richard James, a naval engineer, was working with a high tension spring. It dropped on the floor and it just slinked away, and this led to the invention of Slinky by Richard.  Right after its launch, the Slinky was a big hit among the people.

Launched in 1945, it made a sale of 400 units in mere 90 minutes. A year later, it made a sale of quarter of a billion. This made Richard James a millionaire.


Final Thoughts

Making money is very competitive and we understand this fact clearly. Everyone wants a sustainable source of income to help them through some certain situations or just to enjoy the riches of life.

The objective of this article is to make you aware of various approaches that may sound bizarre but are effective and less competitive, that one can choose to profit from.

About the Author:

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