How To get Google Adsense Approval fast

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Here in this article, I would be sharing How I Got Adsense Approval fast in 3 Days. It really seems impossible to me until I experienced it myself.

Adsense is one of the most easiest ways to make money blogging or Online.

Disclaimer: This Steps Might not work for you but can help you in your blogging experience,Also because their is no one way in getting Adsense Approval. 

Now, lets get back to Business, but before I continue. If you really want to make money online then adsense should not be your only method.

Note: If you are not ready to make money blogging through Adsense, then this post is not for you. But if you wish to know the best techniques in getting Adsense Approval ( fully activated) then read till the end and stay blessed. 

How I Got Adsense Approval in 3 Days  

Getting Adsense Approval is not as easy as it sound, it takes Professionalism for your site to be approved. Before I go on, Adsense is not the only way to make money blogging. 

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OK, I Started Blogging November 10, 2016 with my Android phone and I was a complete novice and I created my blog on blogspot. My blog was nothing to say about and was very Ugly because I fail to learn the pros and cons of blogging. I would say I jumped into blogging at first because a lot of bloggers said blogging is the best way to make money online for free.

Blogging is not a Capital Free Business, as we proceed you will also discover why I said so.

As I earlier said, I started blogging November 2016 and Applied April 2017 which I was disapproved because of my unprofessional way of blogging then.

After the disapproval email, I lost interest in blogging and I took a break. During my break (holiday in my blogging career) I searched for more information on blogging, I changed my URL because I think it was the fault back then, it was only Adsense I want to rely my income of blogging on . With the knowledge I gathered then, I entered into the magazine model because of the way those in it are making money and enjoying traffic.

Same story Again, I failed the second time. Now I knew and said that blogging was not for me and I do not have the right resources to pursue it. Now all hope was lost and I was about quitting blogging forever, then I decided to read why I was disapproved and try to solve the problems I got with my disapproved account.

One thing I love Adsense for is that they tell you why they disapproved your Account.

I began to see the reasons why I was been disapproved,after that I restructured my blogging lifestyle and I picked a niche which was expert model because I have realized why my Approach towards blogging the first time failed. I decided to use my experience to teach, coach and train others since then and I started teaching young entrepreneurs how to start and succeed in business that gave birth to and since then I have not regretted it.

Now, I know you are waiting to hear How I Got Adsense Approval in 3 Days. OK, I will say I am an expert now in blogging after all my experience as a Blogger and I got to know how to get Adsense approval in one application.

In the month of October 2017 I applied for ADSENSE for the second time but not with the first Gmail and not with Blogger blog earnings dashboard but via and with a custom domain name now. On the 19th of October 2017 I got a fully activated and approved Google adsense account, you can visit to see the prove. However, I just explained how I got mine and I know you would want to know the guidelines and steps to get yours. Well that is my job and I would list them here.


STEP 1: Have a Niche. 

STEP 2: Have a Custom domain name (that shows you are serious). 

STEP 3: Apply with or 

STEP 4: Ensure your site is well Arranged and has About, Contact and Disclaimer Pages. 

STEP 5: Apply and if any other problems contact me and I will help you. 

However, if you have any other thing to say or ask please drop your comments and I would answer them. Also Share to those who need it. 

About the author:

Ebube James is a passionate blogger who enjoys teaching, training and coaching people on how to succeed online. Visit his blog @


  1. Aasif Jamal Reply

    Thanks for this helpful article. I also work on blogspot and my URL is and I applied for many times to Google AdSense but my blog Still not getting approved by AdSense.. waiting for your reply

    • Ebube James Reply

      Aasif Jamal, thanks for reading.
      I was able to see why your account was disapproved, you may also see other reasons from your disapproval mail.

      My Reasons (this was base on my research and preview of your blog).

      * No Enough Post.
      * You Must have good monthly Traffic.
      * Your Site contains some affiliate links and third-party ads.
      * Custom Domain name ( get a custom domain name).
      * Apply with another Email address.
      * Post original Content and not less than 1,000 word and good images.

      Try resolving all this problems with your site and apply with a new email address and with
      Thank you and God bless.
      Contact me For other problems at

  2. Ilalokhoin Jude Reply

    hi James.
    I started blogging 2016, went for break and resumed about 2 months now.
    in resumption, I deleted my old post because if restructuring.
    I want to ask if I can apply for AdSense.
    here is my address
    thank you.

    host : blogspot

    • Jude, if I may get your point correctly. You deleted the blog posts not the blog, please read how to apply on this post very well before applying for adsense.
      Also write more content/posts (more than 25 posts) and good traffic before applying.
      * Please let me know if you get approved after following by step on this post.

      You can contact me here
      Thank you for time this post still the end.
      Waiting for your response.

    • Ebube James Reply

      Focus on Content and Users, Google Adsense would gladly accept you.

  3. Ebube James Reply

    �� Your blog must be more than six months old before applying.

  4. Ilalokhoin Jude Reply

    yes I deleted old post.
    what amount of traffic do I need before applying.
    I will let you know when I apply.
    please check my URL if it is seo friendly.
    thanks bro.

  5. Getting adsense approval solely depends on luck, go and apply through this step and you might get approved even in two days of applying ( I have seen someone who got approved in two days). But if they disapproved you, they will give you the reason why they did so. Thank you!

  6. Kerry Schultz Reply

    I went to the links and read the details about the topic and searched more about it on the internet. Would really like to thank you for providing the links to the articles.

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