Bloggers bad insight towards google adsense.

Google adsense is said to be the best contextual ad network for bloggers, that is the truth, but adsense can still destroy your blogging career.

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If you are just starting up your blog, or you have been blogging already, all your intention is to use google adsense to monetize your blog, though that is a nice idea.

But what happens if you finds it difficult to get adsense approval?

What happens if you get adsense approval but finds it very difficult to earn from it?

This is where most bloggers get it wrong, this is where most bloggers especially, newbies start destroying their blogging career, because all their hope is on getting a google adsense account.

Let me ask you, do you stick to a particular business even when you are not getting something out of it?

According to Harsh Agrawal, he said Every click means you have lost a reader and gained a higher bounce rate.

A single click on an AdSense ad opens in the same window, not in another browser tab. While the user can easily click the “back” button, the chances of this happening are slim.

For this reason, every click potentially means a lost reader when using AdSense. In addition, AdSense ads may confuse your readers if the ads do not blend well enough with your website’s design.

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Why You Should Not Use AdSense on Your Business Website

Now, how can google adsense destroy your blogging career?

 Knowing adsense as the only monetizing method for your blog

Google adsense can destroy your blogging career if you know it as the only way which you can make money from your blog. Did you understand this?.

What this means is that knowing about adsense alone will force you to rely only on adsense. And you know what that means.

Whether good or bad, you are with adsense.

You will never make money with your little traffic

Yes, this is the truth, if you rely on google adsense, you can never make a dime with the little traffic which you have managed to build.

I know that this is not what you bargained for. But that is the pure truth in it.

Most bloggers tell you that adsense is the best way to make money from your blog, yes, that is true, but what they will not tell you is that for you to make money from google adsense program, you need to have huge traffic that is flowing to your blog. So if you have little traffic, my dear, forget about anything about google adsense program.

If you have already started using google adsense program for monetizing your blog, don’t rejoice yet, your account can easily get beaned at any time. Google adsense are very strict when you come to their terms and policy. They can easily get your adsense account banned if you mistakenly violet any of their policies.

You will only earn when someone clicks your ad

If you are using google adsense to monetize your blog, your earnings are limited to clicks. This means that you will only earn when people click your ad. There are other ways which you can use to make real money from your blog, mostly are selling information products and affiliate marketing.

If you want to make real money from your blog, then the two ways which you must consider are selling information products from your blog and secondly is affiliate marketing.

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Wrapping it up

Google adsense can destroy your blogging career if you take it as your only way of monetizing your blog. You need to consider venturing into other ways which will likely work for you more than adsense.

This is not to discourage you, but you have to make a wise decision before it will be too late.

What experiences have you encountered with google adsense?

Share your experiences through the comment section.

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