Why did I say that blogging is bitter truth?

I know that you are caught by the title of this blog post, right? That is good.

Yes, blogging is a very bitter online business, which you have already noticed, because you are also a blogger. But what makes blogging bitter? You will soon find out the bitterness of blogging.

Wait a minute, before I continue this post,

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Now, what makes blogging to be bitter?

Blogging can be said to be bitter when you think that all you have been hearing about blogging is not the way it is just because you have joined the blogging community and did not make the money as you expected it or you did not get a better result as you expected.

Let me ask you, do you think that blogging is actually a money making machine?, blogging is never a money making machine, you need to apply more effort and hard work to get a better result.

You just started blogging not up a month or two, and you are expecting to start making money from your blog, it is not possible.

Before you start expecting better results from your blog, you must have put enough effort, time and hard work to it.

Blogging is a long term project which you will continue to build day and night. Let me tell you, you can run a blog for the first year to second year without achieving anything, though this depends on your blogging and marketing strategies.

The major thing that makes blogging to be bitter is because you do not try a new thing, for instance, you hear that google adsense is the best way to make money from your blog, you as a new blogger, you stick to what you heard, you will try all your best to apply for adsense, at last you will get adsense approval, but you will not make a decent earning out of it.

Now, knowing that adsense is not working for you, you choose to stick to it, you will never consider trying another system which may be better than adsense.

Like myself, I focus more on selling information products from my blog.

As of the time I started blogging, I also heard that google adsense is the best way to make money through blogging, but I later found out that it is not a perfect match for me, then. I switched to information marketing business which I now prefer to adsense.

This should be your own case too, if you find out that your current monetizing strategy is not working out, then do not panic, try another strategy, it will definitely work.

Now the truth about blogging

Yes, what you have been hearing about blogging is 100% true, you can take blogging as the only source of your income if you plan your business very well, because blogging is actually a business. A business that is done online, have the opportunity to travel worldwide just from the comfort of your home, receive your payments online without any stress and live happily.

If you want to start getting better results from your blog, then the two proven and trusted strategies of making money from your blog which you must start are information marketing business and affiliate marketing . These two monetizing techniques are best for any blogger even a newbie . It may interest you to know that most successful bloggers are into these two businesses which I just told you now.

If you want me to help,  I have acquired more marketing tactics which I will teach you .


Blogging is a very good online business which can be your source of income, the way you handle your blog depends if it will be bitter for you or if it will be the truth which you always here about it.

Now over to you

Is blogging bitter to you or not,  please share your experiences here. It will help solving your problems.


  1. <a href="http://www.termpaperspro.net/">essay papers for sale</a> Reply

    Most people assume blogging is easy and don’t take it a serious job. Thanks for posting the reality about the effort that goes into blogging.

  2. Johnpaul Onwueme Reply

    Hey, thank you for your kind words. Glad to read your comment.

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