Here is another whogohost promo price for .com domain names

You are still blogging with a while others are now taking advantage of whogohost promo to buy their own domain names for their blogs.

Whogohost is now offering discount on the price of their .com domains from N4200 to N3900

This is an opportunity for you to tap into the promotion price and buy your .com domain name now before it goes away.

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Remember, if you buy your own domain name, it will give you a

  • Brand

  • Authority 

  • Trust

  • And more opportunity to make money from your blog.

A domain name plays a vital role for your blog. If you have not buy a domain name for your blog, I strongly recommend that you do so now. No time is late.

I don’t know if you have understand the power of a .com domain name.

A .com domain name is the best domain extension which is strongly recommended for your blog because it is very search engine friendly.

 Drew Hendricks, a contributor at explained the importance of a website with .com domain, he said that

Google rewards companies that build brands, and brands are usually built on .coms. With only 11% of the web visible, small businesses with a proper brand strategy are the ones that pull ahead of the pack.

You can get more insight of the article at Drew Hendricks article in forbes website

 How to get your own .com domain promo on whogohost

To get your .com domain name at the discounted price of N3900, all you need to do is to signup with whogohost from this special link.

Note : Only the special link above can give you the promo discount.

Then after registering with whogohost from the this special link, then go ahead to buy your .com domain for just N3900 only.


Signup with whogohost from this special link to get the .com promo discount

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After buying your domain name from whogohost, you will need to set it up to work with your blogger blog.

How to setup whogohost custom domain to blogger

If you already have an invoice with the old price, what will you do to get the discount.

Do not worry about that, their customer service
team will be glad to help you out with it. Simply send a mail with the
invoice number to


A .com domain name is the most recommended domain extension which your blog need to have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of google.

Now over to you

Do you use a .com domain name? What are your experiences.

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