Break the chain of your blogging failure

This is another great and interesting post. In this post, i will reveal to you the 6 crazy ways to break the chain of your blogging failure.

You have tried all your best to ascertain a level of success in your blogging career, but unfortunately for you, you couldn’t fulfill it.

Now, read below, 6 crazy ways which you can use to break the chain of your blog failure.

Eliminate blog failure

Never loose hope { very important }

 Most bloggers always loose hope in blogging just because they have tried blogging for some months or years. You may be one of them, yes, you have been blogging for a long time now, but you can not boost of one thing.

That does not mean that you will not succeed in blogging. Do you know that it took most successful bloggers some years to get to where they are now.

So, why are you already loosing hope when you have not even started. Please, never loose hope in blogging, it is a business done with much patience.

Emphasize more on your most popular contents

Sometimes, the most popular contents of your blog are the major area of concentration of your readers. To engage them the more, you have to write more interesting contents on those topics.

People read those topic because, they seem to have more interest in it, then for you to create more value for your readers, you have to create more contents on the most popular topics.

Never forget that seo is a must do 

 Yes, this is a very important aspect to break the chain of your your blogging failure. Seo is the basic and general aspect, if you ever ignore it, am sorry, you can never reach any height of success. 

Because of this, I created a guide that will help you on your general seo. But, the guide is specifically for blogger blogs only. So, if you are a wordpress user, I can only help you by giving you the premium version of seo by yoast.

To get the seo and traffic guide, please, get the seo and traffic guide from here


Monetize your blog the right way

 This is the most reason why you fell in blogging. You do not monetize your blog the right way, you always hope on google adsense for your blog monetization, but one thing you should know is that google adsense is not for everybody. So do not waste your time applying for that, you should only use it if you found out that it is the right choice for you.

The two best ways to monetize your blog are 

Information marketing, that is selling information products from your blog and

Affiliate marketing, that is selling other peoples product and get a commission in return for every successful sale you refer.

Get insight from top bloggers 

You can not do it all alone,  you need to get insight from top bloggers who are already in the field. Make sure you read their blog posts so that you will get more insight. Learn their pattern of blogging and implement it. 

You must have a good writing skill 

A good writing skill contribute to your blogging success,  so if you have a good writing skill,  it will help you in breaking the chain of your blogging failure. 


Blogging is a big business of gradual process which leads to success, but if you did not achieve your success as you have already planned,  then this post will help you to break the chain of your blogging failure. 

Now,  I need to hear your own mind.  Please what do you think about this post? 


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