Setup blogger custom domain on whogohost

In Nigeria, Whogohost is a leading web hosting company. They sell domain names and hosting which are suitable for Nigerians.

setup custom domain on whogohost

If we come to setting up custom domain on blogger blog, you can actually setup the domain you bought from whogohost on blogger.


How to setup whogohost custom domain on blogger

As a blogger, you need to have your own custom domain name for your blog to enable you have a brand.


Now, to setup custom domain name on whogohost, you have to register on whogohost and purchase your desired domain.

Register with whogohost and buy your domain name

Once you buy your domain name, the next thing is to set it up as blogger custom domain.

Setting up a custom domain on whogohost is usually a headache for most bloggers, but with article, you will be able to setup your blogger custom domain on whogohost easily without facing any difficulty.

To setup your custom domain on whogohost, follow the steps below.

To setup your custom domain on whogohost, you will have to buy your domain name from whogohost, because they will use your details to create your records.

  • Login to your blogger dashboard and click settings, then under basics, click setup a third party url for your blog as shown in the image below

  • Now, enter your new domain name which you purhased, next to the “http://”. Remember to add “www.” in front of the domain name and click save.
  • When You click save, it will bring out an error “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. (Error 32)”.  Do not panic 😊
  • Under the Error part, 4 CNAME values will be displayed by Blogger. (See Image below).
  • Now go to Whogohost’s Blogger CNAME form. It is very difficult to access where the form is. to access the form just click see whogohost blogger cname form.
  • On the form page, you’ll need to fill in a few details (see the image below).

  • Enter your email address (same one used to register for domain), enter a pin and the domain name including “www”
  • Next you will need to enter CNAME records, the first two “www” and “” is already written for you. For the “subdomain 2′ and “CNAME value 2” enter the bottom two values from Step 5.

  • Enter the captcha code and click Send CNAME records.
  •  Whogohost will send you a mail that a ticket has been opened for you and you’ll be notified when it’s done. The process usually takes less than 24hours.
  • After you get a mail from Whogohost telling you that the CName records have been created. Go back to blogger and re enter your custom domain .
  • This time, there should be no error and your URL should be accepted.
  • After the URL starts working, go back to the Blogger settings page and click edit url, there will be a box underneath your new domain for redirection. Make sure you tick this box and click save. this will ensure that whether users put “www” or not, they’ll still be redirected to your site.

  • Also, your previous “” address will automatically redirect to your new domain name.

After following these steps, you should be able to set up your custom domain very easily. If you encounter any problems while setting up your custom domain on whogohost, do not hesitate to let me know.


Before you setup your custom domain on whogohost, make sure you follow the procedure above to make sure you do not encounter any error.


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