The most recommended pages for your blog

Blog static pages are very essential for every blog. It helps your blog visitors to easily navigate through your blog. One of the things you should focus on your blog is to give your readers easy access on your blog. A blog that is easily accessed will help your blog visitors to stay long in your blog.

In this post, you are going to learn the most recommended pages which should be visible on your blog.

Now, what pages do you have on your blog?

Do they really matter to people?

Are they the most important pages for your blog?

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One thing you should know is that not all pages should be visible on your blog, there are most recommended pages which you must create and make it visible for your visitors to navigate easily.

The most recommended pages for your blog

As a blogger, there are the major things which you will like the whole world to know about, you can achieve that aim by creating pages for them.

Below are the most recommended pages which every blogger must have:

  • About page    

An about page is very necessary for every blog. This is the page where you will write all about your self. For you to gain trust, you must tell people all about you, you will also let people to know your good intention which you have for them. If you declare a good intention, people will love to do business with you.

  • Contact page

This is another necessary page which you must create for your blog. You have to give your visitors the easiest way to contact you if they need any information from you.

  • Services page

As a blogger, you must have something to sell or have an offer to render to people. For you to get people to patronize  your products or services, you need to create a services page, or you can call it hire me page

  • Advertise Page

If you create an advertise page, it will give advertisers the opportunity to reach you quickly for any advertising request.

  • Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy page will let your visitors know that they are secured. This page is very necessary for every blog.


Above are the most recommended pages for every blogger, if these pages are missing from your blog, go now and create them.

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