Make money placing direct advertising on your blog

Advertising is one of the major ways to make money from blogging. When I talk of advertising, I do not mean contextual ads, I am talking of direct advertising which you can place directly to your blog without any third party. 

What does advertising really mean?

direct advertising

Advertising is the process of showcasing people’s products or business for it to reach more people. Now, what is blog advertising?

Blog advertising is the process of advertising people’s business or products right inside your blog for it to get more exposure. 

How to make money advertising people’s business or products on your blog

Everyday, you hear or read about people that make  lot of money from their blog, you keep wondering how they were able to achieved that. I know that the only thing you know is google adsense. Am I right?

Ok, good. I will not tell you that google adsense is bad, it is a very good way to make money from your blog, but the question you should ask your self is if google adsense is really good for you. Does it really work for you?.

I am not trying to get your mind off adsense but you will actually find out your self if it is good for you or not. The only truth I must tell you is that google adsense is not for every body, the earlier you get that in to your head, the better for you.

Now, about direct advertising, you can actually make more money from advertising people’s business and products right on your blog.

This is a good way of giving value to your readers, give value to your advertisers by promoting their business then make money from your advertisers.

Blog advertising is a good way of monetizing a blog. Here, you take advantage of your blog traffic to make money.

How you can achieve success through direct advertising

For you to start making money from direct advertising on your blog, there is a page which you must have on your blog, that is advertise page.

You must create an advertise page on your blog to make it easy for advertisers to send you an advertising request. When they send you an advertising request, you will now tell them how much they will pay you for the advert.

You can consider creating sponsored post page. Do you know the reason for this?

Most advertisers prefer advertising with a sponsored post, because it is considered to be the best form of advertising. You can also call it content marketing.

Now, apart from creating an advertise page, you can still advertise their business and products by placing their ad banners on your blog

But before advertisers will pay you to advertise for them, you must ensure that you have enough traffic that will give your advertisers more exposure to their business, because that is exactly the reason why they are paying you to advertise for them.

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Final words

Direct advertising is a very great way to make money from your blog. If you have not thought of that before, I advise you to work on it now.

Remember:  Making money online is not as hard as you think, what matters is how you handle it.

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Happy blogging.


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    Can ad banners be placed on blogger through direct advertising

  2. Johnpaul Onwueme Reply

    Yes, you can place ad banners on blogger, what you have to do is to create your banner image, upload it to your blog, add the target link to it, then copy and place it on your blog.

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    Can ad banners be placed on blogger through direct advertising

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