Get more search engine traffic with these seo for beginners

Seo is the most aspect of blogging which you can never do without. I have talked more about search engine optimization, that is because it is the foundation of every blog. You have to focus more on seo so that you will get more exposure to search engines. It is not all about creating contents for your blog. Ok, now what happens if no one read the contents you worked so hard to create?

Let me tell you, it is better for you create one post per week and get it optimized very well than to create articles daily without search engine optimization.

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In this post, you are going to learn seo for beginners which will help you get more search engine visibility.

 Please, this seo tutorial for beginners is basically for those that have their blogs on blogger platform.

Now, as a new blogger, you may not know the basic of seo. You spend all your time creating contents thinking that creating more contents will help you to get more visibility to search engines. Yes, it will help your blog get more search engine visibility but it is only if the contents are well optimized for search engines. Creating contents always is a very good idea, but it can never take you anywhere if you do not have time to optimize it for seo.

Blogger seo for beginners to get your blog more exposure to search engines.

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So if your are new to blogger or you are not getting traffic to your blog because your contents are not optimized for search engines, below are the basic seo for beginners especially blogger users.

Make your blogger blog to be visible to search engines 

You know that blogger blog is not more search engine friendly like wordpress, but there are basic settings you need to apply to your blogger blog to be visible to search engines. To make your blogger blog to be visible to search engines, just login to your blogger dashboard,  click on settings,  Under the privacy, enable the listed on blogger, visible to search engines feature,  then save your settings. Your blogger blog is now listed on blogger and visible to search engines. This means that your blog contents will likely to appear in a google search related to your blog. 

Write attractive post titles 

 An attractive post title is a sure way to optimize your blog contents for seo. Use eye catching post tiles to attract visitors to your blog. 

To know how to write attractive post titles, read the full guide here.

Use custom permalink in your posts

Blogger posts url are not search engine friendly, this is where you should focus most. Sometimes, search engines ranks blog contents from it’s url. Your post url should contain your focus keyword and it should be words that can easily be memorized by people. Before you change your post url to a custom permalink, you should first do your keyword research to get the best keyword that will help your contents to rank well in search engines. 

See the best and free keyword tools for your keyword research.

Now, after doing your keyword research and come up with a suitable keyword which you want to use as your post url, you can now add it to your post url. To add the keyword as a custom permalink

  • Write your blog post.
  • After writing your blog post, then click on the links option at the right side of your post editor.
  • Select the custom permalink.
  • Now write your focus keyword in the box provided and do not forget to separate your keywords with a hyphen. For example. how-to-make-money-online

Add search description

You have to add your search description to your blogger posts so that your content will show up for your specific keyword. To add search description to your post, click the search description at the right side of your post editor, then write your focus keyword there and click done.

Optimize your images

Know it that well optimized images helps to boost your blog traffic. You need to optimize all the images you upload to your posts. The essence of adding image to post is to give your post a nice look and to help in getting more traffic to your blog. In most cases, if you search for a specific keyword, images will be displayed, and if you click the image, it will redirect you to the blog post where the image was placed. So you must optimize your blogger images to give your blog more traffic.

See how to optimize your blogger images for a better ranking.

Blog comments gives you more traffic

Yes, blog comment is a good way for search engine optimization. It helps to bring more traffic to your blog and also helps in giving your blog back links. Most bloggers ignore this because they see it and take it as waste of time. They do not really have time to comment on other people’s blog. Let me tell you, I use blog commenting to get more traffic to my blog and at the same time get back links.

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 Final words

Seo is the most essential part in blogging, for without it, you will spend all your time creating contents which no body will read. As a new blogger, do not think of making money now, focus on your seo to get traffic to your blog first. That is the foundation of every blog.

Now, over to you, what do you have to say about this post and which of these do you practice? 


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