how to create a subdomain in namecheap

Learn how to create a subdomain in namecheap control panel

Having a domain for your blog is very useful for your business blog.

if you buy a hosting package from any web hosting company and you want to setup different websites with the same hosting without buying another domain name and hosting, you can achieve that by creating a sub domain for your existing domain.

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What is a sub domain

 A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, but there is no new domain name. It is created from an existing domain name.


How to create a subdomain in Namecheap cpanel

1. Login to your cpanel via

Go to domains section and select the sub domain

create namecheap subdomain 

2. Enter the following details for your subdomain:

Subdomain: the name of your subdomain

Domain: choose the domain name you wish to create subdomain for from the drop-down menu

Document Root: the root directory for your subdomain (for example, it can be /public_html/subdomain)


3. Click on create 

create subdomain 

After creating your subdomain, it will not be visible immediately, it will take some hours to be visible.


You do not have to buy domains every time, you can always create a subdomain fro your existing domain name. 

This is how to create a subdomain in Namecheap.

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