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Why do people say that blogging is a waste of time?.

People actually think that blogging is a waste of time. The group of people that have this mindset are the people that do not know that you can actually earn a living through writing.

Before I continue, I will like to ask you this question.

Are you among those people who think or say that blogging is a waste of time?

If you are among them, I want to let you know that you are saying it just because you have not in any way have an experience of what blogging is. Not only that, you think that bloggers waste their precious time on the internet writing about different topics of their choice.


Let me ask you, the last time you searched the internet and got a solution to your problem, was is not somebody that provided the information that helped you to solve your problem?

Come to think of it, you have already benefited from the same blog which you said it is a waste of time. Had it mean that you did not land on the blog that supplied you with the solution to that your problem, where would you have gotten the solution to the problem?

Now, let us see it from another dimension

You want to download an eBook from the internet but the problem is that you have searched thoroughly on the internet and found the eBook which you were looking for, you were told that you have to pay some money to get access to the eBook, You will surely pay to get it because you are really in need of the eBook.

Come to think of it, someone has really helped you from his blog to give you what you wanted, and at the same time make money from the help he provided to you.

Why then did you say that blogging is a waste of time when you have really paid someone on the internet to get what you want.

Blogging is all about creating contents which solves the problem of people and at the same time make money with the same contents.

You can actually make lots of money just by writing what you know or what you are interested in.

In the world today, writing is now the every day activity of people just because they want to make money from what they love doing.

Blogging is never a waste of time, since you can actually turn your writing to money.

That is to say a blog + writing = money


Are you not convinced yet?. Ok, let me show you how I made whooping 10,000 naira within one month of blogging.


Blogging is never a waste of time. Through writing, you can make more money. We are now in digital world and almost everything is done through the internet and that includes making money from the internet through blogging.

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