Receiving PAYMENTS ONLINE has become more easier in nigeria. Time has gone when all foreign payments are processed only through paypal.



As a nigerian, paypal is not supported in the country, that means any person trading online from nigeria will not receive foreign payments from foreigners. 


Although you can create a paypal account in nigeria, but you can only use it to send money but you will never use it to receive payments online.




Yes, some people might be wondering, how do some nigerians create their paypal account and receive payments online with it?


Those that receive online payments through their paypal account do not create a nigerian paypal account, they either create a us paypal account or the united arab emirates paypal account.


To create any of these  paypal account, CLICK HERE


But for those that do not have paypal account, don’t worry, this is a good alternative to paypal. 


Before you start receiving payments online through voguepay, you have to create a voguepay account. To do this, CLICK HERE TO GO TO VOGUEPAY REGISTRATION PAGE


When you land at the registration page, you start creating your account.

Voguepay have two types of account which is PERSONAL ACCOUNT & BUSINESS ACCOUNT.  


If you register for the personal account, you will only receive payments from visa cards and from those that have voguepay account. But don’t worry, you can upgrade to a business account later. If you want to upgrade, send a mail concerning your upgrading to

 They will upgrade it, but it will not be verified. you have to upload your documents with the money to have it verified.

If you register for a business account, you will be able to receive payments from all cards, be it visa, master etc.

Business account has two types of registration, 

If you have registered your business with the corporate affairs commission, you will upload your documents together with the sum of 1500 naira.


But if you have not registered your business, you will register it with voguepay . You will be required to upload   your government issued card and utility bill together with the sum of 2500 naira. 

NOTE : If you upload only one document, your business will be registered but when you want to withdraw your money, it will not be processed. So you must upload your government issued card and a utility bill. 


After a successful registration, you still need to verify your phone number.

Login to our voguepay dashboard, click the verify phone number at the left hand side of the dashboard.

Here you will enter the verification code that was sent to your phone number, then verify.

 you can now receive payments online with your voguepay account.

To add your bank account, Click on the basic menus then click on add bank accounts for withdrawal to add your bank account for withdrawing your payments.



Once you log in to your account, click on cms tools


Select generate buy now button or generate a payment link.


If you click o generate a payment link, create your payment link and copy the link, place it in your website where you want it to be.


If you click on generate buy now button, create your buy now button, copy the code that will be provided and paste in your website where you want it to be.


Please if you have any question, make use of the comment form or you can make use of the contact form, I will be willing to anwer your questions.     


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