Uba africard is used for online shopping. You can get one and start shopping online. You can make use of it to shop from china and have it shipped to your door step right here in nigeria. You will use it for any kind of online transactions.

The most interesting part of it is that you can get it even if you are not banking with uba. It do not require any bank account.

uba africard


  How to get a uba africard

 If you need a uba africard for your online transactions, all you need to do is to go to any UBA branch near you. Go along with a

valid id card, 2 to 3 passports, and at least the sum of 1,500 naira.

 Tell them that you want to apply for a
uba africard. They will give you a form to fill, you fill the form. If
there is any question that you dont understand,dont fill it.

Note: The card is categorized in two types[that is personalized and non personalized or instant]

The personalized one will have your
name on it and it will take up to one week before it comes out. But the
instant one will be issued to you the same day.


So while filling the form,mark the personalized one if that is what you want or you mark the instant if you
want to take it at once.

When you receive your card, two pins will be given to you and also an envelope. The two pins are:


   You change your withdrawal pin
instantly at the atm machine with the directions given to you. Load  the
1,500 naira in it immediately. Now that you have received it, you have
to activate it. You have to activate it after receiving it.



To activate your uba africard, Log in to www.myubaafricard.com

*  Enter your card number and passcode and log in.

*  Confirm your details and continue.

*  At the left hand side of the page, click ” Activate”. You will be redirected to another page.

*  Enter your card number and click “submit”.

   Another page will appear

*  On the signature panel code, enter the three digit number at the back of your card.

*  Enter your date of birth

*  Enter The card expiration date

*  Enter your phone number like this[234**********]

Then submit


Another page will appear

    Here, you will create a verified
by visa details.After filling the form, a verification code will be sent
to your phone. Enter the code and submit.

    You now have a valid uba africard.

This is how you can get and activate a uba africard


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