Welcome to my life changing report. In this report,I am going to show you my blogging secretes 

Please, before I start, I will like to have your full attention.

Please, if you don’t have the time to read this post, I will assume that you are comfortable with your current online work and you don’t need another online business that generates money for you even when you are sleeping, kindly leave this page now.

But if you need an online business that generates money for you even when you are sleeping, kindly read on to the end of this post.

I must confess that it has not been easy, for me to achieve this, I worked hard to make sure that I always be on top.

When I started blogging, I never knew anything about blogging. In fact it was not my intension to start blogging. I never knew that one day, I will start a blogging life.

It all started one day, I was searching the internet and I came across a website, the person advertised his referral program. It was about remenk computers { wealth power }. When I finished reading the post, I was excited because I never knew that such thing exists.

The owner of the blog is Chinonso Charles by name. I contacted him immediately and he convinced me to register and I did.

After the registration, I had to refer people to the program but I never knew how I will achieve that. I contacted him again about the issue of referring people, he advised me to create a blog. But I told him that I don’t know what blogging is all about.

He help me to create one and taught me how to make use of it. The name of the blog he created for me is www.remenkstyle.blogspot.com   

At first, I found it hard, but as time goes on, I began to be friendly with it. I made some research on the internet about blogging and I gathered a lot of information and I was also convinced that money can actually be made through blogging. that  was what encouraged me.

Then, I decided to start blogging fully. I created this blog. With the experience I gathered, I was able to manage my new blog. 

I asked my self, how will I make money from my blog?

This time, I made google my best friend. I quickly searched the internet, I kept searching and searching. This search took me months before I found an easy way to make money online. That is information marketing business, but at this point, I was not satisfied. Do you know why ?.

I don’t know how to receive my payment online if someone wants to buy my product from my blog.

I started searching again on how to receive my payments online, this also took me some time to get an easy to use and reliable one.

I finally found one. Keep reading, I will reveal it to you at the end of this post.

I spent time playing around there website to understand how it works before I kick started my business.

I bought some eBooks and I also compiled some.

Please when ever you here information marketing, do not be lost. It is just selling of digital products such as ebooks, videos, audios, etc.

I started selling them in my blog. I spent most of my time advertising my eBooks to  get people to know about my business. I advertised it for weeks before I started getting replies.

Some of them needed to be convinced about what I am selling to them and made me to give away some of my eBooks for free so that I will gain trust.

They liked the content of my eBook and they recommended people to me.

My business started giving me returns. The most interesting thing about this information marketing is that you can make a lot of money with a single eBook. You set your own price, you will be in control of every thing, you will even receive your payments while you are sleeping and the person that bought the eBook will download the eBook immediately after payment.

I applied another strategy, that is creating a facebook page. I invited people to like my page. I started posting my eBooks to my facebook page.



Some people are being discouraged by one thing or the other. You don’t need to know every thing before you can start doing what you don’t know.

Once you have the passion in that, go on and do it. You will learn more as time goes on ok?

Like I told you, I was a total novice before I started blogging. But things has changed now.

I later registered for an affiliate marketing. That was konga affiliate marketing. After my registration, I got my affiliate link and pasted it on my blog. I also pasted it on my facebook page.

 Affiliate marketing is never an easy task. 

But among these two methods, information marketing is the best.


Unlike affiliate marketing, when you present a product to someone, the person will like the product and may not be able to pay for it because the price of the product may be high.

But in terms of information marketing, you set your own price the way it pleases you. You can start with a low price to attract more customers.

After setting it up, you don’t need to do extra work, all you will do is to sit down and watch your eBooks sell like magic.


Every business have a secret, now I will reveal my secrete that helped me to generate  good online income without any stress. I have been using this secrete for a long time now and it has been my most source of online income.

Remember, you don’t need to be a guru before you start. You have the passion to start an online business but what you lack is a good information and a good guide, Am I right?

This is a one time opportunity for you to start, do not wait for tomorrow because you may not see this page again.

I have compiled all the secretes in form of an eBook. But beer it in mind that the eBook is never free. 

Before you have access to it, it will cost you a little. If I give away this eBook for free, you will not value it, but if it costs you a little, you must value it and you will be more eager to implement it.

Now, I will give away this ebook at a little price of N2000    That is $6.50 for those from foreign countries. 



To pay via online payment, kindly click the make payment button below and pay with your master cards, visa cards, verse cards, interswitch, debit cards etc. You will download your own copy immediately after payment.

NOTE: For those outside Nigeria, make use of the online payment method.

Second method is DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT

To pay via direct bank deposit, kindly pay the sum of N2000 to my uba bank account.


Account name :  ONWUEME JOHNPAUL

Account number :  2081022225

After payment, send your name, teller number, email where you want me to send the eBook, phone number to Somwealth1@gmail.com

I will send the eBook to your chosen email once I confirm your payment.

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