The world of online marketing can be
overwhelming, especially for those business owners that have only
focused on traditional advertising up until this point. It can be a lot
of information to absorb and naturally, mistakes are going to be made.

are so many segments available, from blogging and content marketing to
search engine optimization and paid search marketing. Sometimes knowing
what to avoid can help make the transition easier, and that is what we
are going to attempt to do. The following mistakes are commonly
made by online marketers. Hopefully
this will help you avoid these common mistakes.



1. Not Having a Blog

Not having a business blog is putting you at an immediate disadvantage. Your business should be blogging
on a regular basis. Publishing new content not only gives your website
visitors something to constantly engage with, but it also creates one
more indexed page that can now potentially show up in the search

Each time you publish new content you are telling the
search engines that your website is being updated. When they see that
you are constantly adding new content it causes them to crawl your
website more often. They see it as an active website, and a potential
source of useful information.

2. Expecting Overnight Results

is important to understand that there are no overnight solutions,
except for paid search marketing, which can literally have your ads
showing on the top search results immediately. Content marketing, search
engine optimization, and social media marketing can all take some time
to ramp up. You have to build a solid foundation and build from there,
and while there are marketing agencies that like to throw around
outrageous time frames just remember that quality (and long lasting)
results take time.

Online marketing can deliver amazing measurable
results when done correctly. This isn’t to say that older and more
traditional advertising methods are dead, because they still work to
some extent.

 3. Not Knowing What You Want

This is probably the most common marketing mistake I see among small
business owners, the problem is that many of them don’t really understand what
they need to be setting goals for. Internet Marketing is all about
conversions, not traffic (in most cases). Yet so many business owners
(and even marketing managers) are focused on the wrong goals.

4. You don’t accept the reality of time

Setting up profiles on all of the various social media sites,
building a website, and setting up and claiming your listings on all of
the various online directory website can be a daunting task, and now you
are going to have to set aside time to effectively manage all of those
accounts.  It will take much more effort and time than you initially
think to establish an online presence, build a following, monitor for
negative & positive reviews, and keep your followers engaged.

5. You are not engaging your online audience

You’ve gotten to the step where you’ve built a good base following,
but you aren’t getting the results you want.  The most common reason
this happens is that you are not engaging your audience.  You must
always make sure to post content that is relevant to your business and
products, but you do not want all of your content to be simple
advertisement.  Post content that your audience will find useful and
valuable, so they want to comment, share, and re-post.  Also, make sure
to respond to each and every comment, question, tweet, or other social
interaction that have been left on your pages.  Show your audience that
you care about what they have to say and that you are active online

6. You don’t have an online marketing budget

Although it can sometimes be a daunting task to determine where to
spend money, how to spend it, and how much to spend online, spending a
little bit of money can save you in the long run.  If done smartly,
investing a small amount of money in Facebook or Twitter ads can
increase traffic to your website or physical location.

7. Making viewers wait

  People expect the Internet to be
fast. If your server is slow or use graphics that take two minutes to
download, you can say goodbye to your potential customers. To market
yourself effectively, you need to put your information in front of
people quickly.

8. Not marketing offline

  The goal is driving traffic to
your site, but no one is online all the time. To successfully market an
Internet site, you need market offline, too.

9. Not collecting email addresses 

 To market successfully
online, you need people to market to. Take every opportunity to collect
email addresses from your visitors to create a  list to
continue marketing to your target audience.

10. Giving visitors a longer form 

 If you are trying to
interest customers in signing sign up for a newsletter or make a
purchase, do not make them jump through hoops or answer a battery of
questions. Each question you ask subscribers, beyond name and email
address, will cost you 10 to 15 percent of your potential customers.

So above are the 10 mistakes to avoid while marketing online

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