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Like I always say, your blog subscribers are your source of blog income. Without your blog subscribers, you will find it very difficult to make money with your blog.

In this post, I am going to show you another method of getting 2500 new subscribers for free using pushengage notifications.

Pushengage is a chrome and firefox web notification that gives you the opportunity to get free 2500 new subscribers for free.

It does not matter if you are using blogger or wordpress, it works with both platforms.

 blog followers

How to get 2500 new subscribers for free with pushengage notifications.

To get your free 2500 subscribers with pushengage notifications, you will have to register for your free account.

Follow the steps they will provide for you to complete the registration.

It is very simple to set up. 

Register here

To start sending notifications

Login to your account,

Under notifications, click on new notification,

Then fill in the boxes with the appropriate information of your notification,

Then submit to send the notification.

You can also schedule your notification to send at a later date.

To do this, follow the procedure below.

Under notifications, click on new notification,

Fill out the boxes with the right information,

Then under scheduling options

Select the send the notification later at

Then select your date and time to send the notification.

So,above is how to use pushengage to get free 2500 subscribers.

Please, let me know if this works for you. 



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