how to make money as a writer

Do you know that being a freelance writer is a good way most people make money online?

People make money with their writing skills, web designing skills, graphics skills and every other skills.

As a freelance writer, you make money with what you love doing, so if you have any thing that you are good in, you stand the chance of making money as a freelancer.

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But the problem most people always have is how to start making money with their skills.

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This have made some people to think that they can never make anything out of their talents. 

Although, they have every reason to think so, because when no one is there to direct you on how to go about it, you will end up making nothing.

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Now is the time to plan your life well if you want to make a living as a writer, to achieve this, I will introduce you to a fellow blogger who handles every thing about freelancing works. 

Carol Tice is a professional freelance writer who make her living doing freelance works. Visit her blog at

She have a blog where she teaches people how to make a living as a writer. She also have a writing community called freelancewritersden

So if you are aspiring to become a professional freelance writer and you want to make a living writing, visit the two websites mentioned above.

Now answer this question,

Do you really want to make a living as a writer?


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