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Your post title is the first thing that makes your blog attract more visitors.

It is very good to always make your post titles very attractive to your audience.

In this post, I am going to tell you how you can write effective and attractive post titles. But first, let us look at what makes for an effective post title.

What makes for an effective post title?

There are a few things we can talk about here – each one slightly more challenging than the last:

  1. It should catch the  eyes of people

    The very first thing a title needs to do is catch someone’s eye whether
    they see it in an email, Facebook feed, Tweet or whatever.

  2. It should get a click

    The next thing you need to do is get them to click through to read it.
    This is much more difficult than it sounds – some formats only have 0.5
    to 1% click through rates.

  3. It should cause an engagement or action

    Some people will share or like an article simply because they
    think their friends will like the article’s title. More likely, however,
    is that your title encourages someone to read your excellent content.

  4. It should assist your longterm Google rankings

    A good title not only gets people interested in the article but also helps you to rank well on Google.

Now let us proceed on how to write effective title.


1. You should always consider your target audience first.

  result of target audience

Before writing a post title, you should consider your target audience.

Know who they are, what problem they have and need to be solved. 

So, after you know much about your target audience, you can now write your post title to fit their needs.

2. Use targeted keywords in your post title

This is a very good practice if you want to write an effective post title. You should use keywords in your post titles to help it rank well in search engines.

Use keywords that is related to your blog and your blog posts.

You can also consider short tail keywords and long tail keywords, then know the one that will interest your target audience.

Example of a short tail keyword is create a blog

Example of a long tail keyword is how to create a blog

3. Suspense

 blog audience

This is the act of making someone to be eager to do something.

So, if you write your titles in “suspense”, your readers will be more eager to click and read your blog post. Writing your titles in suspense will also cause an engagement as explained above on what makes for an effective post title.

4. Add value to your title

 value of blog post title

You know that people always like to get what will benefit them, you can engage your audience more by promising a free stuff in your title, and make sure to fulfill it.

5. Write the success of someone in your title

 blogging success

This is another good way to engage your audience through your post title.

Adding the success of someone in your title will help you to get more people to read your blog post.

Example of this is How John made his first $200 online 

With these ideas above, you can be able to write effective post titles that will help you get more traffic to your blog. 


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