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Have you started growing your email list?. If you have not started growing your email list, you are missing your income as a blogger.

Growing your email list is very essential for your blogging income. It is the most important part of blogging.

Let me tell you, how much you will make as a blogger depends on your email list.

If you do not have subscribers to your blog, you will find it hard to make money from your blog. 

Editorial Staff from wpbeginner gave a detailed reasons why building your email list is so important


Even if you are into affiliate marketing, you will find it very difficult to make sells as an affiliate, but it will be so easy for you to make more sales if you have a large email list.

When you have a large number of emails in your list, you can start promoting your affiliate links to them.

You can also promote your own products to your email list.

If you are selling your own products, building an email list is the key to increase your sales.



Your email list will help you to get more closer to your customers

Like I said before, if you are selling your own products or you are into affiliate marketing, your email list will give you the opportunity to communicate to your prospective customers with personal messages.

According to Email subscribers are more likely to be product buyers

Nathalie Lussier also explained 10 reasons to start building your email list

 Personal engagement is what matters. When you engage someone personally, it is 70% assured that the result will be a fruitful one.


So, if you have not started building your email list till now, start now to do so, it is a sure way to get more people to buy your products, and thereby increasing your online income.

Now over to you

What are the experiences you have encountered in building your email list?


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