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Blogging is a very good online business which gives you the opportunity to share your interests and recommend your products and services to the whole world.

This post is for new bloggers and those that are still planning to go into blogging.

As a new blogger, there are some certain things which you need to know, and knowing them will go a long way to help you in the long run. You cant just start a blog and expect to make money from it immediately, there are some basic things you must do before you can start making some money with your blog which you are going to see here.

Before we start, let me first ask you, 

Do you think that blogging is a money making machine?

The answer to this question is yes and no.

I know that you are confused with my answer right? 

Ok let me explain.

Why I said no is because, if your aim of starting a blog is to begin making money immediately without doing any work, that means, you will fail totally.

Yes, blogging  is a money making machine only if you do the right thing and stick to it. Only if you focus on your visitors attention, not yours.

new bloggers

Now, let us begin with the basic things you need to do as a new blogger

Once you finish creating your blog, do these basic things first:



Seo simply means { search engine optimization }. Make your blog visible to search engines by submitting it to search console  to enable people see your blog when ever they are doing a search on google.

This seo is categorized into two parts which are :

  • On-page seo
  • Off-page seo

On-page seo are those things that you do inside your blog to get more traffic which includes : building internal links, adding your keywords, etc.

Off-page seo are those things that you do outside your blog to get more traffic which includes : sharing your posts to the social media, posting your blog link to forums like nairarand and futiweb etc.

This post from jeffbullas will help you learn about seo

You can also refer to neilpatel to learn how to improve your seo.

But if you really want to grow your seo in just 20 minutes,  Read this post from growthminds and learn how to improve your seo and get results in 20 minutes


Blog traffic is the livelihood of a blog, any blog without traffic is liable to fail.

In-case you do not know what traffic is,

Traffic simply means visitors, you need to attract visitors to your blog. Remember, your visitors determines if you will make money from your blog or not. So make sure to develop your own strategy of attracting visitors to your blog.

learn the most trusted ways to get traffic to your blog



This is another important thing to do, you have to add a subscription form in your blog so that people will easily opt in for your newsletters. This is a good way of getting targeted traffic to your blog. You can use feedburner to collect your email list if you are using blogger blog. Growing your email list will make your visitors to come back to your blog again after first visit.

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As a new blogger, you don’t have be in a haste to make money from your blog. 

For the first one year, what you should do is to build your blog especially building your traffic.

If you do these basic things listed above, you will not find blogging difficult from the second year. 

Remember focus on building your blog for the first year. 


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