Hello my valued guest, Today is another wonderful day for all of us. I know that you have been enjoying my interesting blog post so far.

In today’s post, I will tell you how to convert a web page to pdf file.

Do you know that information marketing is becoming easier day by day. You know longer need to hire someone to write an eBook for you. It is time to keep the whole profit to your self.

You can now create a pdf file online for free without paying for anything. Is that not so interesting?

Yes, I know that this is what you wanted, you want everything for free, hahahaha, that was funny right?.

First, what is printfriendly?

Printfriendly is an online pdf converter where you can convert any web page for free.

It is very easy to use, even as a novice, you can use it without the help of anyone.

Now let me show you why we are here.


Like I have told you, to convert a web page to pdf file with printfriendly is very easy. Look at the steps below to convert a web page to pdf file for free.

  •    Search for the information that you want to create as pdf. Once you find the information in any website. 
  •    Copy the link of the web page that contain the information.
  •   Then, login to www.printfriendly.com
  •    Paste the link you copied in the column that says, enter a url.
  •    Click on print preview. Then wait while it loads and bring another window.
  •   Select pdf.
  •   A new window will appear, then you can choose your paper size and click on download your pdf. You can leave the paper size unchanged. it is not necessary. 
  •      You are done.

For a better understanding of the illustration, please see the screenshots  below.

 First step after searching and copying your information url


Second step

Third step

Fourth step


Hope, I have made everything clear to you. Have any question, comment below.

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