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Feedburner email subscription is an email subscription service owned by google which helps bloggers to get in touch with their audience through email.

Feedburner is a service that is absolutely free of charge. Google do not charge for this service, it is free to use.

Once you have a gmail account,  you can always access feedburner with your gmail account. You don’t need to create another account for it. Like google says ” One account, all of google “


Feedburner email subscription helps bloggers to send updates of their new post to their email subscribers. When ever a subscriber receives new update, he or she will be redirected to the main blog.

There is one mistake that you should avoid while using feedburner email subscription, if you do not avoid it, it may end up causing harm to your feedburner feed.

What is that mistake to avoid?

If you are using  feedburner to deliver your feed updates, make sure that you do not write your blog posts with microsoft word.

This may not look serious to you but when you will take it serious is when it will frustrate you.

Making use of microsoft word to write your blog posts before copying and posting it in your blog, will certainly make your feedburner feed not delivering new updates, and you know what that means?

When ever that happens, your blog subscribers will not receive your blog updates again.

So to avoid that to happen to you, always login to your blog dashboard and write your posts from there.

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