Domain name is a very essential thing for your blog. It is the name used to recognize your blog on the web, while web hosting is the place where your domain is being hosted.

In my previous post, I told you what blogging is all about. I know that by now, you have understood what blogging is all about. If you missed it, read the post here.

In this post, I will tell you where to buy cheap domain name and web hosting right here in nigeria and pay in naira.

I will like you to understand that there are many benefits of having a domain name.

Let us look at the benefits of having a domain name


Like I told you, having a domain name for your blog has so many benefits, but I will discuss only few of them. They are listed below.

Professional Attribute 

Having a domain name for your blog will make it look professional to those visiting your blog.


Also, having a domain name for your blog will tell people that you are a serious person, and that will make them to do business with you.


If you have a domain name for your blog, it will make your visitors trust you and your services.

Now let us proceed to our main topic. 

Domainking is a reliable web hosting provider where you can buy your domain names and web hosting at a cheaper rate. You will pay for your orders in naira.

Due to the economic breakdown in the country today, most banks have stopped their master cards for making international transactions. But if you choose to buy your domain name or web hosting from Domainking, you will not face any hassle while paying for your order.  

Before you buy a domain from domainking, you need to create an account, and it is totally free.

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    You can increase your limit anytime without any effects on your website.

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