As I have
already told you that affiliate marketing can be defined as the process of
selling another person’s products and in return get a commission for the sales
you made. Affiliate marketing is a very good online business that can transform
your live if you venture into it.

affiliate marketing, you can make more than 10,000 naira per month, that is if you put more interest in it, and
remember, it requires hard work for you to achieve your success with affiliate

In the case
of jumia market affiliate program, they will pay you the sum of 700 naira for each sale that is made
through your link.

As my topic
says “ Why I am always talking about
affiliate marketing “
I will like to highlight some certain reasons why I
am always talking about affiliate marketing.

You know
that when ever some one is always talking about something, that thing must have
value to the person. There is a saying that goes like this “ where ever a child is pointing at while crying, it is either that the
mother or father is there “.

I don’t just
talk about affiliate marketing , I have certain reasons for doing so. I was
chatting with one of my facebook friends, he told me that he will like me to
teach him about blogging, that he wants to be making money with his blog. I
told him that affiliate marketing works, that he can make lot of money through
affiliate marketing. I gave him some certain reasons why he should join affiliate

Some of the
reasons I gave him is listed below

 With affiliate marketing, you don’t
need to have your own products before you can make money.

With affiliate marketing, you can transform your live.

You can even make money with affiliate marketing even without having a

Affiliate marketing is very easy to manage.

You dont need to work your ass off in affiliate marketing.

The registration is always free.

There are
certain reasons that are not mentioned here, but what I want you to know is
that I don’t just talk about affiliate marketing, I have listed some reasons
for doing that.   

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