It’s rough out there trying to make your mark in the world. At some
point or another we come across people, situations, quotes, that inspire
us. What we do with that inspiration is up to us. We can either make
the choice to be average, or make the choice to become something much,
much greater. We often relate success to careers or finances, but it is
much more broad than that. You define what success is to you and these
traits show you’re on the right track.

 You have the habit of setting goals

Most think that setting
goals means “what do I want five years from now?” But you realize the
importance of setting daily, achievable goals. You understand that by
sometimes setting long-term goals you can lose your vision, so you
establish small daily goals that will help you achieve that vision much
easier. You’re a realistic optimist.

You can delay gratification

You have an uncanny ability to wait it out for the big reward
for all your dedication and hard work. You take a look at what you have
and what you want, and you’re able to avoid making impulsive decisions.
For example, if someone told you that you could have one cookie now, or
you could wait 20 minutes and receive two cookies, you’re smart enough
to wait it out and reap the larger reward.

Delayed gratification
truly applies to all aspects of life. Whether it be with your career,
finances, relationships, health, etc. You have acquired the ability to
ignore the temptations of instant gratification because you know that it
is an essential element when you’re trying to reach your ultimate goal.

You are not stuck in the past or failure

You know that what’s
done is done and you can’t go back and change anything in the past. You
use your past as a vital tool for your future. Everything from your past
has brought you to the present and you don’t waste any of your time
wallowing in the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve been. You know that by
getting stuck in the past you’re robbing yourself of the present and
future. You’re completely adaptable and you fully embrace change. You’re
comfortable with the unknown and you’re always ready to take it head

You keep an open mind

One of the most important
characteristics of successful people is learning to keep an open mind
about literally anything and everything, but you know that already. You
notice that the more you learn, you realize how little you know. This
mindset allows for you to take advantage of opportunities that present
themselves to you. You’re always open to new ideas, new ways of
thinking, and you’re constantly challenging your own beliefs.

You are action-oriented

You’re one of those people who likes
to take on a task and get things done. You’re not afraid to make
mistakes along the way because in your eyes, you’d rather get things
moving and adjust your approach after seeing some results. You’re a
leader, you like to be in charge. Some may look at this as a bad thing,
but sometimes with you, it’s an “it’s my way or the highway” kind of

You may also at times find yourself being mildly stubborn in
some situations. You’re the complete opposite of indecisive. You take
on leadership roles with ease, and you actually enjoy the responsibility
that comes along with it. What is patience? You know little to almost
nothing about it. You often find yourself becoming impatient with those
around you who aren’t like you.

You work on maximizing your strengths

“Successful people maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. They know what they are good at.” 

use your strengths as your foundation to success. You rely on the
skills in which you are proficient and use them to do what you love.
You’re fully aware of your weaknesses and look to others for their
knowledge and skills in areas in which you lack. You know that you can’t
do everything on your own so reaching out to others for assistance when
needed is not a difficult task for you. You use your strengths as your
prime resource to reach your goals.

You are ambitious

You can clearly see yourself being the best of the best. You wake up
every day ready to tackle anything and everything thrown your way. Why?
Because you know in the long run it’s going to help you achieve your end
goal. You know that it isn’t just about working longs hours and seeing a
journey to its end. Ambition is truly the reason for existence. It’s
your soul telling you where the meaning in life is found. You’re
extremely persistent and nothing stands in your way.

You have passion for improvement

You have this deep desire to improve yourself and often times you can be too
hard on yourself. You’re constantly wanting to change and improve so
you can become the best version of you. You are never satisfied and
you are your own worst critic, in every aspect of your life.

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