Pick a Profitable Blog Niche

This is the most critical step.


There is no point in starting a blog that you want to make money from
without a plan. There are thousands, even hundreds of niches out there.
Some are broad and huge; some are small and virtually unknown. Some
niches are easier to make money in than others.

This is why your research is important.

Before you start thinking of making money with a blog, you will first of all create a blog which should be the first thing that will come into your mind. Now I made it easy for you to create your own blog in minuites.

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How Much Can you Earn Blogging?

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income with a little extra
to pay for a few nice treats or create a blog that will support your
lifestyle then you can pretty much make as much money as you like from
blogging if you are prepared to put in the hard work.

There are lots of great stories out there of successful bloggers who make money blogging:

The truth is that  it can take months even years before
you might see a significant return on the time you invest in to starting
a blog but that is why I have created this free guide so that you can
be confident in taking the right steps to achieving your blogging goals.

So let’s continue…

Create Great Content

So now that you have built your blog you are ready to create some blog posts for your readers.

The reason this section is called “Great Content” is because your
content really does need to be of a high standard. Everyday millions of
blog posts are published on the internet and with so much competition
for our limited attention spans you really have to be creating blog
posts people are going to want to read and perhaps even share on social
media or on their own blogs.

Make sure your posts are:

  • Well formatted and look good with relevant images
  • Are in-depth and entertaining
  • Offer links to other posts to expand on points

 Social Media

From my experience, the social media sites that send the most traffic to blogs in general are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

The results will vary depending on your target audience.

If your blog is aimed around professional readers and business people
you might have more potential traffic from LinkedIn and Google+. If
your target reader is more visual it might make more sense to focus
exclusively on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for promoting your blog.

 Paid Advertising

Paying for clicks and traffic on social media or in the search
engines can be a great option to market your blog. A lot of the
information about blog marketing covers the organic options. While some
of these can turn your blog into a popular destination quickly the more
likely scenario is that it will take time for you to build communities
to promote your blog content.

With paid methods, you have the opportunity to pay for traffic and
clicks right away. And if you do well in targeting your audience on the
right channels you can easily build your audience with advertising to
supplement your organic efforts.

Facebook – Depending on your niche you can expect to pay about $1 per
click to your blog, but there are many variables that can influence how
much you will pay. Depending on the nature of your business this can
provide some excellent ROI in terms of initial sales, but the main focus
of this ad campaign is to get people to your blog. Wow them with your
content and get them to opt-in to your email list for more updates.

Twitter – has a variety of ad options like Facebook and other social
networks. The best one for your blog marketing efforts is the Promoted
Tweets option. You can expect about $0.50 to $0.75 estimated cost per
engagement, which is Twitter’s way of telling you what your cost per
click is.

Build your Email list

You will see lots of bloggers who proclaim that the money is in the
list. In my early days I didn’t buy in to this ideology but now it’s one
of the most important things I focus on.

Once you’ve developed your fan base, it is essential to retain them as you continue to build your personal brand.

Best Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

So now that we have covered the basics of building up your blog and
it’s following lets have a look at some different ways you can begin to monetize your blog and start earning.



Cost per click advertising (CPC) are ads that can be displayed on
your website that you will be paid for every time someone clicks them.

If your blog brings in high traffic levels then displaying Google
adverts can be a quick and easy way to make steady revenue. If your blog
is good at keeping your users on the pages then these types of ads can
work well for driving high conversions, especially with in-post ads.

The big advantage of using a Google Adsense is that it takes just
minutes to set up and you don’t really need any coding knowledge to
implement it within your blog.


Similarly to CPC advertising, cost per mile (CPM) ads can bring in
good steady income from your blog if you’re piling through large levels
of traffic. They are very easy to set up and you really don’t need any
knowledge of coding to do so – all you have to do is create an
advertising account and add the code to your site; simple.

Typically, CPM brings in ridiculously low returns – some ads pay out
around $0.10 per thousand impressions, so you will need a lot of traffic
to make a decent income.

Direct Advertising

Of course instead of using a third-party to broker your advertising
deals it might make more sense financially to work directly with
businesses to promote their products. Generally you will need to build
up a decent sized following before going down this route.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of performance-based marketing. With
this form of marketing, business owners reward affiliates for each
customer brought to the company through the affiliate’s independent
advertising endeavors. There are four key players in affiliate

  • the merchant
  • the network
  • the publisher
  • the customer

Affiliate marketing works in conjunction with several other online
advertising mechanisms. This is the case because affiliates will often
use these platforms for marketing purposes. Some of the mechanisms
include search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, paid search
engine marketing (PPC-Pay Per Click), display advertising, and content
marketing. At the same time, affiliates can also appropriate less
traditional advertising methods. An example would be publishing reviews
of services or products.

In many cases, affiliate marketing is confused with referral
marketing. This is likely the case because both marketing methods
involve the use of third parties who drive business to a retailer.


Everyone has a skill that businesses need and offering your time and
expertise is a great way to make an income from your blog. Services have
the highest profit margins as you are effectively selling your time and
not a physical product – however your income is limited to the number
of hours you are available for work.


Of course selling your time for money is not the most scalable way to
make money online. One of the ways in which to create a business that
can scale to your needs is to sell products online.

Physical Products

Platforms such as Shopify,
Woocommerce & Etsy have made it cheaper and easier than ever for
anyone to create an online store and sell products online.

Selling physical products online can be hard to setup as you will
need to deal with storage, shipping and even deal with things such as
local taxes and distance selling laws. Of course a lot of this headache
can be resolved by finding a company who will offer a white-label or drop shipping service leaving you to worry about getting traffic and updating the website.

Digital Products

If you don’t want the headaches of dealing with shipping goods and
storing them then creating digital goods can be a great way to make
money from selling products and taking advantage of scaling your
business. Anything from productivity software, to knitting patterns, to
recipes or even training courses can be delivered electronically.

Membership Sites

If you’ve got a really active community within your blog that are
looking to learn more about what you’re writing about, then there could
be an opportunity to create a paid membership area.

This would require members to pay a fee to see extra content on your site (usually learning resources or videos).



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