Merrybet is one of my favorite betting company that I make money from, even without placing a bet.

They offer a very unique affiliate program which is very profitable to every one that join them.

You will earn a lot of cash even without placing a bet by taking part of their affiliate program.

Even if you want to play a game, you can play with  as little as 50 naira.

Before you
start making money with merrybet affiliate program, you have to register for
their affiliate program, after registration, you will be provided with your
unique affiliate link which you will be using to refer people to merrybet

You will get 30% of how much each of
your referrals has lost in merrybet after sixty days from the registration

will credit your account with your affiliate revenue after sixty days from the
date of referral.


Playing your games online is the best compared to playing offline, you can register with merrybet through the link below and start playing your games online with ease.

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once you start playing online, you can now register for their affiliate program and start making money from your referrals. 

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